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Back to school – value for money, uniform

My boys put there school clothes though the wringer!  They are not gental with anything they wear and their uniform is no exception.  I was delighted when Matalan offered me £100 to spend on their uniform, espeically as I have purchased it from them previously and it has stood up to the boys day to day use.

One of the things I love about Matalan’s back to school range is the number of options you can have.  When the boys were smaller it was very hard for them to tell their unifrom from the other childrens, so this year we have opted for school cargo trousers.  I love that there are durable, but the boys love the side pocket.

We have also had Matalan’s sweaters before and I take them to the embroidery shop in our village so that she can add the school logo on them.  They wash well and do not seem to bobble like some of the others we have tried.  I tend to wash school uniform on a daily basis, as the boys are just noise with muck on and The uniform we got from Matalan last year is still in great condition.

My top tips on saving on Uniform are:

  • Buy generic sweaters and find a local embroiderer who will put the school badge on them.  Our village one charges £4 for a badge.
  • Buy earlier as you can as lots of the shops have offers on.
  • Don’t buy shorts.  Turn any trouser which are too small or have damaged knees in to shorts by cutting them and wonderwebing hems.
  • Buy an elastic belt to help keep trousers up.
  • Clothes Plasters are a great way of making trousers last longer.
  • Buy short sleeved shirts.  Schools are warm places and there is no need for long sleeves
  • Do not shy away from buying online as you can always return to the local store if they are not the right size.
  • Name the clothes not just on the label as sometimes people will just cut them out.
Up until this year I have always just used a laundry pen to put our surname (It is unusual) on the boys clothes, as Maxi hates the feel of labels.  However, we were sent some iron on labels from My Nametags and I can say that they are wonderful.  They do not itch or aggravate my very sensitive son.

For our £100 we got the following: 8 pairs of trousers (including 2 pairs of girls trousers with belts for my niece), 6 red sweaters, 3 red polo shirts and 6 white short sleeved shirts.


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