Back to School with Florence and Fred at Tesco and back to school link up 4

For the last three years Tesco has gifted us school uniform for the boys.  I am eternally grateful for this uniform and I am more than happy to recommend it to anyone who asks.  My boys are hard on their uniform.  Mini especially is just noise with muck on and the uniform gets washed and worn everyday.

school uniform 2012

The boys in their uniform LAST YEAR

I am a big fan of generic sweatshirts, they are great value and the boys love the fact that our local embroiderer puts the school badge on them for £2 an item, which means they cost me less than 50% of one bought direct from the school.

I think that good uniform needs to stand the test of time, be a good price point and also fit well and Tesco seem to have hit all these points for us this year.

Plus points:

  1. Adjustable waists – This is essential for my boys, who seem to thin out every time they grow!
  2. Hardwearing – Football every lunchtime on a MUGA really takes it out of the knees of trousers.  Tesco’s have survived year on year
  3. Shirts that stay white when washed – Maxi is a shirt boy
  4. Do not shrink – polo shirts and sweatshirts that do not shrink when washed.  Mini wears polo shirts
  5. An embroidery service (if your school is registered)
  6. A good selection of styles
  7. Trouser that keep their crease when washed
  8. Shirts that do not need ironing when dried on the line or in the tumble dryer
  9. collars on polo shirts remain white and do not go grey compared to the rest of the shirts

The Mad House give school uniform by Florence and Fred at Tesco a HUGE thumbs up.


Whilst we are talking about school uniform, I am always on the lookout for anything that makes my life easier and I have to say that I have found the quickest and easiest way to label the boys uniform this year.   In previous years I have just used a laundry pen and wrote their names on but STAMPtastic is even faster than writing!  In fact It didn’t take me any time at all, as they boys did their own uniform.

The Mad House

4 thoughts on “Back to School with Florence and Fred at Tesco and back to school link up

  • Charly Dove

    What a fabulous review Jen, the uniform sounds like a huge success! Best of luck getting them back to school, must be weird after the holidays. STAMPtastic sounds like a great little product too 🙂

  • Gillian

    Your boys look cute as anything in their uniforms, what a pair of handsome fellas! I buy school uniform from Asda or M&S simply because they are our nearest stores and it’s convenient. Kids don’t have to have the sweatshirt with the logo at our school (they can just wear plain red if they want) but I buy one as I think it looks smart. Interesting to hear about Tesco’s embroidery service, I had no idea they did that. Sadly our school doesn’t participate.

    Good luck with the first week back Jen! xx

  • TheBoyandMe

    Your boys are so gorgeous and they look ace in their uniform. I’m going to investigate people who might do the embroidery on his uniform as we have so many blank polo shirts and sweatshirts and I want him to fit in.

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