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I know, I know, school hasn’t even finished yet in most of the UK and I am talking about planning for going back to school.  But trust me on this one, you really need to be planning for going back to school now.

back to school planning

My boys are nine and ten and I have been doing this back to school malarchi for half of their lives already.  I feel as though I am a seasoned pro already. By putting a little work in now, it can make the whole of the summer much easier and also ensure an easy transition for you and the kids when back to school comes round.


I have been asked by M&S Kids share with you my #TipsAndTricks for easing back into the school routine.

  1. Buy your school uniform NOW.  Yes now before they have left for the year, whilst the stores have a good stock of all the different sizes.  I always have all the boys new school uniform before they have even broke up for the holidays.  I make sure the kids have everything including socks, underwear, trousers etc.  I buy five sets of each and put them in their wardrobe ready for school starting.
  2. Don’t buy the school branded stuff.  I found a fab local shop that embroiders the school logo on to clothing for me for as little as £2.50 a badge.
  3. Leave buying shoes till just before they go back to school and make an appointment online with the shop.  My boys grow like wildfire and yes I can work with buying bigger clothes.  The one thing I do not compromise on is shoes.  So I leave that as late as I can.
  4. Let your kids express their individualism.  Although I am a huge fan of uniform, I also love allowing my boys to express their uniqueness.  So let them personalise their bags, pencil cases and coats.  I actively encourage them to be different, wear funky socks, or different hats.
  5. Keep your kids minds active all though the summer.  I am not particularly worried about the summer slump, but I am a believer in keeping the muscles active.  Mini needs to ensure that he keeps working on his fine motor skills over the summer, so I will do that with him in a fun way.  We also keep a summer smash book too.

back to school planning - why you should start NOW

Each year I do a back to school linky, which is a great resource for planning and easing back in to school.  This year I am starting it early!


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14 thoughts on “Why you should be planning for back to school now

  • Erica Price

    I’m all for getting sorted now as things do tend to sell out. Also, the last thing I want to do in the summer holidays is shop for back to school.

  • Michelle

    For the first time ever, there is no back to school for me in September! My boy is off to college!!!!!! Great tips though, especially about the shoes!

  • Amy Squires

    Brilliant tips, I actually bought a load of uniform just the other day because it was so cheap! I just knew it wouldn’t be that price in August!

  • Ness

    I have already bought my son’s school uniform for when he starts in September except for black plimsols which are all too wide! I think he’ll have to be a rebel and wear trainers instead.

  • liska @NewMumOnline

    I am VERY conscious about back to school (early just like you) so once I can get organised I will write a post and join in. We have already got most of Aaron’s uniform for September already and like you I will leave the shoes till last. I got his September to December shoes in Next for 24 pounds, and even though 1 term (or in the new scheme 2 terms) trashed them, I got his next pair from Next too, this time 26 pounds and for some reason the quality this time is far superior and here we are in July and they are still going strong since Jan having encountered MUCH more use than their predecessors – he wears them in the park nearly every day after school and they’ve gone through all weather. xx

  • Globalmouse

    I was only saying yesterday that we should buy up the school uniform now…I always leave it too late and it’s all sold out. I’m going to try and sort this out in the next week.

  • Fritha

    I was told the other day that in order to make sure you have everything you need you need to stock up in July! I’m glad we are still a year away from these decisions! x

  • Fritha

    I was told the other day that in order to make sure you have everything you need you need to stock up in July! I’m glad we are still a year away from these decisions! x

  • Rosie Corriette

    I absolutely love planning ahead (let’s just say I’ve already made a start on Christmas) so I’m with you on getting ready for back to school before they’ve even broken up for the summer holidays 🙂

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