Baked gifts given with love 6


Each year we make Mini Christmas cakes for loved ones and special friends.  I do try and make them all edible and as the boys are getting older, I have two special helpers (which can leave finger marks in the icing like above).


I like to think that these cakes are baked and fashion with the love that we feel for the people we give them too.  We also gave them to the teachers and teaching assistants at the school, as yes I am angry at the school receptionists, but the teachers are wonderful people, who I entrust my most precious people too.


These two are for my mum and her best friend (who is like another Gran to the boys).  I still have our cake and the cake for my FIL to make and bake, so wish me luck.  Mini is still unwell and we had a foot or snow yesterday!

I also have all the wrapping to do for the big day too!

What do you have left to do for Christmas?