Balloon Confetti Popper – New Years Eve Craft 5

Making a balloon confetti popper is a fun craft to make and perfect for celebrating New Years Eve or even for a wedding.  I am going to warn you though, you will be finding confetti for days no matter how hard you clean up!  So if you are a little precious about that then make sure you “Pop” them outside and don’t say I didnt warn you.

Balloon Confetti Popper

How to make a Balloon Confetti Popper

Balloon Confetti Popper


  • Transparent balloons
  • Metallic or paper confetti
  • Silver paper
  • Glue
  • Funnel
  • String
  • Scissors

Instructions to make a Balloon Confetti Popper

Blow up your balloon a couple of times to stretch it, this way you can fill it with more of your confetti.  Whatever you do, do not be tempted to put the funnel in a blown up balloon and try to add the confetti as the air pressure will make the confetti fly all over your room – trust me!

Balloon Confetti Popper

Take your funnel and put it in a stretched deflated balloon and fill with confetti.  I found that gently pushing it in with a pencil was the best way to do this.

Balloon Confetti Popper

Once you balloon is filled with your confetti, then inflate it and tie it in a knot.

Now is the time to add your date  You can draw it on with a metallic sharpie, but I cut out 2016 and then stuck the numbers on with Blue tac microdots.

Balloon Confetti Popper

As our balloons were not filled with helium I had the knot to the top and added string before securing it to our ceiling ready to be popped on New Years Eve.

Balloon Confetti Popper

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Balloon Confetti Popper

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