Why not have a BBQ for Halloween or Bonfire Night | Mum In The Madhouse

Why not have a BBQ for Halloween or Bonfire Night

I know what we will be doing this Bonfire night.  We will be spending it with family as they put on their own annual fireworks show.  It is something we look forward to every year and it would be the perfect time to have a winter BBQ and the people at Country Valley Foods have some brilliant  meat hampers at the moment.


There is nothing better than some lovely warm food whilst watching fireworks and it makes for a great evening for everyone.  I particularly like the Meat Hampers from Country Valley and think they are really great value.  Even better for me they are a local company and have sites not far from me and they have a great reputation for excellent quality and providing local meat, in fact we got our evening wedding reception meat from their retail arm over 18 years ago!

Here at the Madhouse We love celebrating with food, family and fun so why not take a look at the Pinterest Board that I cam championing for them this month.

This time of year as the nights get darker is an excellent time to get together and make some spooky treats and you do not have to be in to trick or treating to have a fantastic halloween themes party at home.