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The benefits of team sports for kids

Maxi is a junior football player and he has been with his football team from when he started playing as an under 7. He has been training since he was four years old. We are so lucky that his team mates are a great and they are a wonderful team, but being in a team is a great experience for him and he has learned a lot.

The benefits of team sport for kids


The benefits of team sports for kids

Team – Their is no “i” in team.  It may be a cliche, but it is so true.  It has taught Maxi how to get on with people that he doesn’t see everyday at school, people that are different.  Maxi has learned to stick up for his teammates, to be happy when they do something well and to console them if  they are not on top of their game.   Kids quickly learn that they have to work together as a team to win the game.

Being active – Team sport is a great way to be active.  Maxi gives 100% not just for himself, but in order that he doesn’t let the team down.  A great incentive for being fit and active is keeping up with his team mates and more than that the opposing team.  Sport is also a good way to relieve stress and reduce depression.

Competition – I am a firm believer that a little competitiveness is not harmful for boys.  Both my lads are naturally competitive and being in an organised team puts their competitive nature in a safe place.

Strategic thinking – Maxi is a defender and you can see that he thinks strategically during the game buy the way he reads that ball and anticipates the other teams moves.

Academic – Young athletes learn determination and goal setting on the pitch which can transfer to the classroom.  He also uses his maths skills calculating scores, league places and goal difference.

Healthy living – The fact that you need to be fit and healthy to play sport well means that Maxi is encouraged to eat well and steer clear of drink or drugs (he is well aware of the negative impact).

Maxi is a better person for being in a team.  He has compassion, understanding and empathy for his fellow team members.  He understands the benefit of practice, patience and persistence. He has also learned how to deal with losing as well as winning. It is great for kids to be involved in any sport.

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