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Best London cafes for working remotely

Living in the Frozen North of England, trips to London for meetings or events mean that I need to find places that are great for working from, where I can connect.  It is one of the reasons that MadDad has been busy researching laptops and that we are going to shop for laptops as an easy way to work on the move. Once you’ve got your equipment you need to find a comfortable and convenient place to work.  I try and make all my appointments and meetings on the same day, so often have time in between them as commuting to London for me takes such a long time.

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Working from home has become extremely popular after two years of lockdowns. However, there is a tendency for a shortage of available remote vacancies as well as spots for those desiring to work in different environments. If you`re looking for virtual jobs with a quick onset and want to choose your perfect operating climate, this article is exactly for you. 

The Big Chill House, King’s Cross

Based in a modernised Victorian pub right around the corner from King’s Cross station, the Big Chill House is a great place to work during the day before live music kicks off in the evening. A spacious downstairs bar area means that you’ll always be able to find a table to settle down at, and there is a tempting lunch menu for when you need to refuel. Upstairs, you’ll find a colourful roof terrace where you can relocate for a quick drink to reward yourself at the end of a hard day’s work.

Coffee Plant, Notting Hill

Situated in one of London’s most stylish neighbourhoods, the Coffee Plant on Portobello Road is a laidback and relaxed spot to squeeze in some solid work. As the name suggests, it’s a particularly good hangout if you love your coffee, although they also do a selection of pastries for when you get peckish. Be sure to arrive before lunchtime to secure a table before the midday rush.

Foyles Café, Soho

What better place to get in a studious mood than a bookshop? The café on the top floor of Foyles serves great coffee and sandwiches, while a gentle jazz soundtrack creates a friendly atmosphere. There is plenty of room, meaning you can find somewhere to sit all day without feeling like you’ve outstayed your welcome. Putting in the hours at work has never been so rewarding.

What are your favourite places for a coffee and connection in London? I would love to know for the next time I am in the Big Smoke.


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