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Best Tech Gadgets for Students

Best tech gadgets for students is a paid collaborative post with as part of their Back to University campaign. With student loans reducing and the cost of living increasing it is important to choose what tech gadgets you take to university wisely. You want to ensure that they are fit for purpose and will also survive the heavy usage that they will take during your time studying.

We have a tech section on our ultimate university packing checklist. These useful gadgets are designed to make student life so much easier and Very has some great options available to suit every budget and requirement.

Best Tech Gadgets for Students

Laptop or Tablet

When it comes to laptops most students tell me that the weight of the device is important to consider as you carry it around with you all of the time. Often the trade-off for a lighter machine is a smaller screen, however, lots of students have larger monitors for gaming or TV in their accommodation so are happy to opt for a smaller screen and plug it in when back at your accommodation then go for a smaller, lighter and more powerful machine.

When it comes to Microsoft or Mac, then that choice is a very personal thing and my children have different options! It also may be influenced by your choice of phone.


One thing my boys do agree on is headphones. Their choice is Sony over-ear noise-cancelling headphones. This style of noise-cancelling headphones really allows you to concentrate in busy and loud environments in comfort.

Mini has the Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones. Not only are they extremely comfortable and have brilliant industry-leading noise cancelling options, but they also have a 30-hour battery life and a ten-minute quick charge function that gives 5 hours of use making them perfect for students.

Maxi has the Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise-Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones which have the same 30-hour battery life and industry-leading noise cancellation allowing complete focus. You can also pair these with two devices at the same time using Bluetooth. They also work with Alexa and Google. Maxi wears them to the gym too. These are so effective at noise cancellation that I have to text him as he can not hear me even in the same room!

Bluetooth Speaker 

When Maxi doesn’t have his headphones on he is using his Bluetooth speaker! A decent Bluetooth speaker is absolutely essential for university students, especially if you live in a university dorm room or a private accommodation. Most devices don’t offer the best sound, so a gathering will be much better with music played via a speaker.

Discover the best tech gadgets for students that boost productivity, focus and convenience.  Smart gadgets to ease study.


Most students already have a good power bank and if you are away from your accommodation or taking part in off-campus activities you will want to ensure that you have the ability to recharge your devices. Power banks are getting much smaller and more powerful all the time.

Flash Drive or External Harddrive

Another essential part of technology that every university student needs is a flash drive and/or an external hard drive. Believe it or not, you can now get a 1 terabyte flash drive, so you may choose to do all your backups to that rather than opt to have both.

Other Nice to Have Gadgets

Technology is moving forward all the time and lots of people have different items they use all the time. So below are some nice-to-have items that if money and space was not an option my kids would add to their must-haves!

  • Laptop Stand, Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Earbuds.
  • Alarm clock or Alexa with a screen.
  • Blue light-blocking glasses (Maxi wears his all the time).
  • HDMI Multiport Adapter.
  • Printer.
  • Kindle.
  • Tablet.
  • Portable monitor.
  • Sleep headphones or pillow.
  • Antitheft Bag.
  • Extra Extension cables.
  • Fitness tracker.
  • Smart notebook.
  • Video light.
  • Gaming console.
  • Instax Camera.
  • Wake up light.
  • Amazon Fire Stick (make sure you have a TV license is watching live TV).
Discover the best tech gadgets for students that boost productivity, focus and convenience.  Smart gadgets to ease study.