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The Best Ways to Bag a Bargain Beauty Treatment

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We all love a bit of pampering and a trip to the spa may sometimes be at the top of the list. However, in austere times, it may slip to the bottom of your to-do list. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as you can bag some great bargains on your beauty treatments.

Here are a ways to help you accomplish this:

Beauty schools

There are numerous beauty schools in London and this gives you the opportunity to take advantage of their services and bag yourself a great bargain? This is because some offer discounted beauty treatments and may shave off close to 5% of the standard charges that would apply at your regular spa or salon. Treatments may take longer than at professional salons so ensure that you are not in a hurry. Your patience and the luxury pampering you will receive will be worth the wait. If it’s your first time getting beauty treatment from students, you need not worry as the whole process is usually overseen by an experienced supervisor.

Hair and beauty models

Some beauty academies request for hair and beauty models to volunteer themselves for the students to work on. In some places, you might pay a small fee and in other places you are given products to take home in appreciation of your time. Some academies have sites where you can register and indicate what type of treatments you are looking for. You will then be matched up with people looking for models. So you end up getting a beauty treatment and a few beauty products as well; now that’s a bargain!

Bargain and voucher sites

These are the best places to bag great deals. Try out sites like Dealzippy which offer a wide range of deals on all beauty treatments from manicures, haircuts to hair removal deals. You can find listings of all beauty spas and salons in your area so you can find one that is convenient. You can get vouchers online and use them up instantly without having to wait for weeks. There are also honest customer reviews so you know exactly what you are getting. You can use sites such as Dealzippy which enable you to book spas, and salons and get discounts off your treatments.

Look out for discounts

Some salons offer discounts on certain days and for first time visitors to encourage them to try out their services. Look out for such discounts especially at new salons. Some also have different rates for walk-ins so you can still get a deal without booking an appointment. Others extend special rates if you are active on their social network pages, or book appointments via their social networks. You can find such deals in your area by checking sites like Lastminute and Groupon.

Beauty shop events

You can look out for events organised by beauty shops in your area. You can sign up for these events usually for free at department stores. They will normally give you free beauty treatment products once you sign up. You can also get discounted vouchers for your next treatment at affiliated salons just for attending. Some of these events even offer makeovers. So why not grab the opportunity and get pampered at a great price?


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