Best Xmas presents for a DIY dad

If you have a loved one who is practical and creative, they’re often hard to buy for. No doubt if there’s something they need, they’re happy to make it. So, you may be stumped for present ideas. But DIY Dads can always benefit from a new gadget to make their lives and projects easier. And here’s some of the best presents you can buy them and why they’re bound love them.

Pressure washer

A pressure washer may not seem like a thoughtful gift, but it’s surprisingly handy. It makes light work of cleaning patios and decking as well as washing the car. It can also be used to clean the driveway, garden furniture and children’s play equipment. Plus, it uses less water than a hose, so if you’re on a water metre it’s ideal. And most importantly, it’s far more enjoyable than scrubbing with a brush.

Mitre saw

DIY Dads love their ‘toys’ and a mitre saw is often top of their wish list. This clever tool makes chopping wood and other materials a doddle. And it cuts at precise angles for professional-looking joinery. Choose one with a sliding function and laser guide to really impress your loved one. You should check out mitre saw reviews to discover which is the best option for your DIY Dad.

DIY Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use and Love, perfect for fathers Day and Christmas.

Personalised toolbox

If you’ve got a DIY enthusiast in the house, then they’re likely to own a lot of tools and gadgets already. But do they have somewhere sensible to store them, or are they lying around the house cluttering things up? Get them a decent toolbox and it’s win-win for everyone. Find a company that sells personalised toolboxes for that extra special touch.

Laser measure

If you have a DIY Dad to buy for, then you could consider upgrading a tool they already have. And they’re bound to have a tape measure as they’re needed for pretty much every job imaginable. But you could make jobs easier for them by buying a handy laser measure. This gadget is great for people working alone to make and take their measurements without needing an extra pair of hands.

A wireless multi-tool

If you want to buy one tool that’s useful for lots of tasks, a multi-tool is a good present option. This is a power tool with interchangeable heads, so it’s really handy. They’re great for cutting and sanding jobs on a range of materials and for working in tight spaces around the home. Get one that’s wireless to give them even more flexibility.

DIY Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use and Love, perfect for fathers Day and Christmas.

Hot tub

OK, this is not an obvious choice for a DIY dad, but it will be much appreciated. What could be better at the end of a tiring day carrying out all those DIY tasks, than a bit of luxury from a soak in a hot tub? Choose an inflatable version if your garden space is at a premium.

Mechanical pencil

If money is tight at the moment, then a mechanical pencil is an affordable but very thoughtful gift for DIYers. A sharp pencil is crucial to making accurate marks ready for cutting wood or fixing fastenings in the right place. So, a mechanical pencil is something they’ll definitely appreciate. Mechanical or self-propelling pencils can also be refilled, so they’re sustainable too.

That’s all the suggestions for the best presents to buy a DIY dad. Hopefully, it will give you a bit of inspiration. To make sure you buy the right tool or gadget as a present, it’s always a good idea to check product reviews first. This gives you a good idea of how durable and well-designed it is before buying.