Bircher Muesli, the original overnight oats 13

It is official, I am hooked.  After an amazing trip to the Mornflake factory and seeing oats go from seed to bowl. I decided to try making bircher muesli and we all love them. They are the perfect simple breakfast for summer days and the origional overnight oats.

overnight oats

Before I give you my now tried, tested and Mini Mads approved Bircher Muesli, I want to talk to you about Mornflake.  Mornflake a family own company who have been milling in Cheshire  since 1675. They invited us to come and meet one of their farmers, go for a tour of the factory and to meet with John, James and Edward Lea, who are currently running the family mill.


As the daughter in law of a dairy farmer I am so aware of how hard farmers work and it was wonderful to meet with farmers, Hartley and Liz Rushton, at Whittakers farm and discuss how they have been growing oats for Mornflake for a decade and how they love working with them.


Oats are the perfect crop for the British climate as there best growing areas are in the northern and southern parts of the globe mainly North America, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia and right here in Great Britain.  They also love rain and then lots of sunshine.


We are big oat fans here in the mad house.  Maxi was weaned on porridge and it is his favorite breakfast and Mini’s favorite cake happens to be Yorkshire Parkin which is full of oaty goodness.

bircher musli

So I decided to give Bircher Muesli a go and it very quickly it has become a morning ritual.  I love it as a mum as I can prepare a large jar the night before and then just add some fruit and nuts in the morning.


Did you know that oats are gluten free naturally, but can not be sold as gluten free unless there are gown in an area that has never been cultivated for any products that might contain gluten.

Bircher Muesli, the original overnight oats

It is great to see a British company that is so invested in conserving the British oat crop and also committed to working with British farmers and giving them contracts.  Everyone we talked to around the factory was so enthusiastic about working for a family run firm and you could see just how passionate the family are about oats.


So thank you Mornflake for inviting me to a wonderful event, for letting me in to their factory (no pictures), but let me tell you it made me feel like I was stepping into a page from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

overnight oats - bircher museli

It was a great day, so why not take a look at this video of the day