Bittersweet Birthdays 9

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get a little melancholy and reflective around the boys birthdays.  I adore my children (most of the time) and love being a parent and am super proud of both of my boys, however, birthdays seems to grab me and give me a shake.

Parenting is a funny thing.  The years fly by, but sometimes the days really do drag, especially if the boys have been misbehaving!  So when a significant date comes around I am left wondering where the time has gone. Maxi turned 12 this week and I love seeing the man he is turning into, but I am missing the child that he was.  As a friend said we both mourn and celebrate every milestone.

This last year has seen some major changes for Maxi and he really has matured, cut off his curls, moving from Junior school to Senior school, travelling to and from school on a bus on his own and becoming more responsible.  However, he also still loves cuddles, spending time with his family and worships Alvin the family dog.

I guess that this time of year is filled with so many dates for us.  2 days after Maxi’s birthday is our wedding anniversary (22 years this year – yes I was a child bride) and then you have Mother’s Day. So I have just been feeling rather reflective.  it has really made me realise that we don;t have all that much time left as a family of four!

So we have been trying to get out each weekend and do something as a family (in addition to maxi’s football games and Mini and MadDad going to the Boro Game every other week).

We went to Beamish last weekend and loved it.  It is brilliant for kids of all ages and being an open air museum means the boys can have a good run around.

We had fish and chips cooked in a coal fired fryer. We went down the drift mine. Spent time in the bank learning about old money and got some sweets from the sweet shop.

So I am going to make the most of being a mum and we are going to get out and about.  The only problem is we need some ideas for places to visit with two surely tweens within an hour or so of Middlesbrough!  Come and share your ideas and also let me know if you get all reflective on birthday too.

If you are wondering about the lovely coats, they were gifted to us by Blacks and are Berghaus Kids.  Both of the boys are funny with coats but adore these.  They have a wonderful finish and are practical and stylish.  They have fabric at the top of the zips to stop them rubbing and are soft, warm and waterproof too.

Mini’s padded jacket is lightweight and comfortable but doesn’t add bulk like some puffer style jackets.  Maxi’s parker style coat has removable fur on the hood making is great for kids like him that hate anything touching their face, but the inside of the hood is soft and fury.  to see the coat with the hood on head over to Northern Mum.