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What to do in Blackpool when you are eight and nine

It is nearly 20 years since I have been to Blackpool and wow things have certainly changed for the better.  We recently spent a weekend in the wonderful seaside resort and it blew our minds and the boys had THE BEST time.

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What to do in Blackpool when you are nine


Madame tussauds

Madame Tussauds

Having visited Tussauds in London I wasn’t sure we would enjoy the Blackpool one, but it was ace.  Much more manageable and less busy.  So the boys actually got to take a really good look at the waxworks and actually recognised a lot of the people.

The boys particularly loved the football Changing Room and also the Sports Stars.  They had fun climbing with Bear Grills, who is Chief Scout (the boys are both CUb’s).

We spent a great time looking at the waxworks and finding out how they were made and we also had our hands dipped in wax.   We even had a drink in the Rovers Return.

Maxi – “I liked Madame Tussauds because it a lot of interactive activities that you could do all the way round.  I really enjoyed making a wax hand”

Mini – “I thought that the picture we had taken with Spider man was very clever”

Blackpool sea life center

Sealife Center

Mini loves animals, all animals and he loved the sealife center.  The one at Blackpool is really great and well laid out.  It has 50 displays and more than 2,000 spectacular aquatic creatures.

For younger children they can meet the Octonauts, the team of undersea adventure heroes from CBeebies until 1st September.

The boys loved the kids quiz trail and enjoyed getting their passport stamped.  They got a medal at the end for completing it.

Both the boys love the interactive aspect and touching a starfish was a highlight for Mini.

There are sharks, octopus and a really big crab called Big Daddy!

Maxi – “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Big Daddy, which is a HUGE spider crab”

Mini – “I got to feel a starfish, I didn’t think it would be rough and slimy at the same time!

Blackpool Tower Eye

The Tower

No visit to Blackpool is complete without a visit to the top of the tower or the Blackpool Tower Eye as it is now called.

Before ascending to The Blackpool Tower Eye, you will experience Blackpool’s first ever 4D Cinema experience, we all thought it was amazing and gave a really great overview of Blackpool.  

Maxi – “The 4D movie was awesome and I loved going top the top of the tower. I even climbed up to the very top part of the tower.  I could see our car in the car park!”

Mini – “I loved the Tower, the view was really good and I liked the 4D movie too”

Pleasure beach

BlackPool Pleasure Beach

The reason we were last in Blackpool was to go on The Big One at the Pleasure Beach and wow have things changed there for the better.  As both the boys are over 1.32 meters they can ride on everything and they loved that (yes they are mini thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies).

We spent an afternoon at the Pleasure Beach, but if the lads had got their own way they would have spent all day there.

We had so much fun as a family going on the rides.  But you don’t have to have adrenaline junkies to enjoy it, there are plenty of rides for younger children especially in Nickelodeon Land.

The four of us finished our weekend in Blackpool with a ride on The Big One.  Well I didnt remember it being that scary 20 years ago!

Maxi – “My favorite ride was Revolution because it did a loop de loop forwards and then backwards.  I also liked the pizza we had as the choice was great”

Mini – “I loved going on The Big One, I wasn’t scared, but I could hear Mummy screaming”

Blackpool zoo

Blackpool Zoo

We all thought Blackpool Zoo was great.  It is compact and flat (before being a zoo it was an airport) which makes it really great for visiting with kids, buggies or wheelchairs.  Mini loves Animals and adored the Zoo.

Highlights included The Lemur Wood, Orangutan Outlook, Active Oceans and Wolf Ridge. We spent the morning at the zoo and really could have spent a lot longer.  Feeding times are clearly marked on a leaflet you are headed as going in and we managed to catch the Pelican feeding time.  We would have loved to see a couple of the shows too.

Entry for a family of four was £49.50 and the car park is £2.50 (pay and display).  You can also use your Tesco Clubcard points for entry into the zoo.  If you live close by then annual member ship is less than £100.

 Mini – “I really love tigers and got to feel tiger fur.  I also enjoyed watching the Pelicans being fed”

Maxi – “I loved watching the penguins, they kept swimming to look at us”

I would advise that you take a look at the Blackpools Back website for information on tickets and other attractions. You can get a multi venue ticket, which is really great value.

Disclosure: We were guests of #Blackpools Back and Merlin Entertainment for our weekend in Blackpool, however, the boys already want to go back and see the illuminations before school starts! 

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