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Blessing Coffee Breaks – Tips for Mums How to Make the Most of It

Being a mum is no joke! It involves round the clock hard work caring for the kids, keeping house, homeschooling, office deadlines, dealing with innumerable tantrums and what not! In such stressful times, with the pandemic and online classes, the extra burden falls on the mum who is already under a lot of pressure. And it’s not easy.

To keep sane and motivated to continue, a morning coffee break is absolutely essential for all the mothers out there. A small amount of time where you give yourself a break, a short period of detachment from the hullabaloo outside to find yourself again while getting energized with your power coffee to deal with the day ahead.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your coffee break, your much-needed blessing in disguise.

A good cup of coffee can go a long way!

The point of this break is to relax and detach. So, you can have whatever you please, tea, milk, hot chocolate, or even cheesecake. However, a good strong cup of coffee will be beneficial no doubt. The caffeine would give you the energy boost you need and also snap you right out of your slumber. You would be ready to tackle whatever comes your way after this soothing cup of coffee. It may be a good idea to even invest in the bean to cup coffee machine. Actually, to your surprise, it can become one of the best purchases of the year! Investing in a high-quality coffee machine for home use means to invest in quality time for yourself. Smartly managing every minute will let you achieve quality work in whatever you wish to do!

A break early in the morning is the best

A study found that the average woman starts caring for her children at 6 am an average every morning. This is indeed rather early and gets too exhausting when done every day. Starting the day with some time for yourself will not only add to the productivity of your day but also enhance your mood and improve your mental health. This is also the best time to make the most out of the quiet house and the sleeping children. No noise, no crying, no stress – just you, your coffee, and a calm mind!

Realise and believe that a break is necessary

Mum-shaming is a toxic culture that has been rampant recently, thanks to the outburst of Twitter and other digital platforms. Mums are shamed by anyone on the internet who may not have even an inkling of knowledge on the tribulations of motherhood. The 21st-century mother is expected to put her child first always, worry about their food, potty, education, etc. while also giving all of their time to them while impeccably managing their office work, maintaining a spotless house, and also look perfect.

Well, sorry to break it to you, this is a patriarchal myth and simply impossible in today’s day and age. Remember that your child is your priority but so are you! If you don’t take the required breaks, eventually you will break.

So, don’t let guilt take hold of you during these breaks. No “am I a perfect mum” thoughts, no worries about to-do lists or homework or deadlines. This is some time that you dedicate to YOU. And you deserve it!

Pick up a self-care hobby or routine

Along with your dose of coffee, a relaxing routine would make a lot of difference. You may choose to simply sit with your thoughts in silence while sipping your drink or watch the news, but doing something that you love, for you can go a long way. You may read some scripture, doodle, journal your thoughts, colour, or even write your diary entry for the day. This would help you feel more conscious, reduce anxiety, and help in your relaxation at a deeper level.

Do not multitask

As established earlier, this time is solely for you. So, squeezing in an office meeting or cutting up vegetables or doing the laundry while sipping the coffee isn’t the best ‘break’. This wouldn’t even be a break! To make the best use of this dedicated time off, it is essential to lock out other concerns. There will be time for laundry, cooking, meetings, and more, but that would be efficiently done only when you are composed. Remember, the key here is efficiency and quality. Multitasking during the pandemic outside and with no easy escape out of the house can cost you only burnout. Most mums earlier would find their re-energizing moments with a walk in the park or workouts or a meet up with friends or even grocery shopping. However, now the same type or frequency of breaks isn’t possible. This is why these short coffee breaks of merely 15 minutes or half an hour are essential.