Blog Action Day and World Food Day #BAD11

Today is Blog Action Day and this year it coincides with World Food Day.

Many people might not know that I co-author a blog called Frugaliscious with Cass from a Frugal Family, which is all about food how food can be frugal, but also delicious too.  Over the last seven months I have made a conscious effort to not waste food.  To try and use everything that we produce or buy.  The average family of four throws away £680 of food a year.

Yes, £680 a year in food we buy, but do not eat, that is shocking.  More so when you think about the fact that 30 000 children died in 3 months from starvation.

One of the most shocking memories I have from my childhood is watching the children from Ethiopia dying on my television screen in front of my eyes of famine.  How can we still be in this situation nearly 20 years later?

We need to take action, we need to try and made changes to our lifestyles to do what we can to make a difference to the children out there that are dying from lack of food.  Take some time out today, after you have eaten your Sunday Roast and see where the vegetables you bought for it have come from.  How many miles have they traveled?  I am not asking you to make big changes, but why not try and buy locally and seasonally.  Each small difference will add up and make a big difference.

Drought is a natural disaster, famine is man made.

The ONE Campaign have 5 actions you can take to help raise global awareness, keep famine in the headlines and to call on world leaders to act.

1. Sign this petition ahead of the G20 summit in November

2. Post the F Word video to your facebook wall and on your blog, link to it on Twitter

3. Share their infographic which shows which countries are leading relief efforts and which are lagging behind.

4. Write a blog post. Register for Blog Action Day (it’s not too late) and spread the word Fight the Famine, Feed the Future

5. Share the hunger map with a friend.