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Head in book (I did ask if it was OK to use this here) posted on twitter that it felt a bit naff, so I asked her why, as I often leave a comment on a blog letting people know how much I enjoyed a lost or that they had a fab blog.


It got me thinking, is there such a thing as blogging etiquette?

For me the first rule of blogging is there are no rules to blogging.  It is not often that I put on my blogging police uniform (I have been known to in the past), but I try not to let my favorite pastime have rules and regulations.  So I tried to think back to all those years ago when I started blogging and realised that I wasn’t on twitter or had a network of people to ask if things were naff or not.  There wasn’t such a defined community back then, it was pretty much in it’s infancy.

I commented on any blog that I enjoyed and I kept commenting.  I still often do, even if it is just a loved that post or I have nothing to add, but love your blog.  But…… there is so much less commenting going on than when I started blogging.  People seem to engage in different ways.

So my top tip for anyone blogging today, would be not to worry about what others think.  The brilliance of internet land is that no one is going to find you and laugh you in to a corner for doing the wrong thing because there is no wrong thing and there are no corners!

Other tips would be:

  •  Always link to any post that has inspired you to write one – I often read something in the beginning and it spurred me on to a blog post.
  • Comment, comment and comment some more
  • Make it easy for people to contact you – have an email address on your blog
  • You tweet – have your twitter address in an easy to see location
  • Comment some more, find the persons twitter id, blog facebook page or even instagram account and comment on those.  Having a blog for me is all about engagement.   You can find my facebook page at and I am also on instagram at www.instragram,com/muminthemadhouse
  • Find your community – I adore reading the Fresh Five for new to me blogs to read on the Tots 100.
  • I also loved this great post by Tips for a blogging Novice from Jolly Jilly
  • When I blog I also remind myself that what I write is around forever and my boys might read it one day!
  • Do not blog or comment in anger (even I need to be reminded of this) and love the poster below.


What would be your top tip or do you think there is such a thing as blogging etiquette in 2013.


33 thoughts on “Blogging etiquette – Is there such a thing?

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    I don’t think there should be any rules in blogging either. I think we need to remember however, that if we want to ‘be seen’ in the blogging world, then we do have to make an effort because blogging is a two-way street. So many people say they don’t have time yet they always have time to promote themselves a hundred times a day all over social networks and then write another blog post about getting no response. I think the etiquette is just a case of manners and being supportive of other bloggers.

    CJ x

  • carla

    There are so many wonderful and inspiring blogs out there and so many that I read regularly. I am guilty of not stopping to say ‘thank you’, despite the fact that I know how much I like to hear and read comments on our own blog and how much it spurs me on.
    So, thank you. Thank you for reminding me to tell other bloggers how much I appreciate / enjoy / feel inspired / and are grateful for their blogs.
    ……now to go tell them all!

    C x

    • Jen Walshaw

      carla » I understand just how hard it is to comment all the time, which is why I try to make the time every now and then. I am guilty of not doing it on every comment, but I do read.

  • Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy

    For me there are no rules in blogging. I think there are some things that we should because it’s good manners like leave a comment when we like something, share a post with others etc Oh and I try to visit the blogs of people who comment on mine to support them and probably because if they’ve liked something I’ve written then I will probably like something they’ve written!

  • Kate

    Thanks for post, I have only been blogging a few days and not with the aim of anything more than a little space of my own to talk rubbish about food really and meet some like minded mums/women/humans/aliens etc

    I find posts like yours reassuring because as a newbie I’m afraid there’s some golden rules you all follow that I am breaking without knowing haha. Plus, this is my first comment as I wasn’t sure if its a little rude to write on someone’s blog!


    • Jen Walshaw

      Kate » Hi Kate. No I have comments because I want people to use them. If I didn’t I would write a journal! I am off to read your blog now and feel free to ask any questions you like.

  • HelpfulMum

    Great post. I don’t think there should be any rules. I follow my own code of conduct, mainly that if someone comments on a linky I am running, I always comment on their post too. I do think before I write a comment and wouldn’t leave a comment if I thought it would offend someone.

  • Sally

    I think if you remove the word ‘blogging’ from ‘blogging etiquette’ you’re rather closer to the truth.

    Etiquette is just a fancy way of saying good manners. And good manners means acting with courtesy, truthfulness and kindness where you can. Apply THAT to blogging and you won’t go far wrong.

  • sarahmumof3

    I don’t think you’ll find anyone who says there is, or should be, a list of rules to follow, it would never work as everyone blogs differently, but I do agree that the best way to engage with your readers is to interact with them, and this doesn’t just mean repling to them on your blog platform, facebook or twitter, it means get to know them on THEIR blogs, facebooks and whatever else sites they use. It is hard to keep up sometimes tho, I have so many favourite blogs who I want to stop by and say hello to, just because I want to keep reminding them I’m reading, but sometimes I just don’t get round to doing that. If you want to interact with say just 5 readers then thats maybe 25 or more, blog posts to read a week, as your own blog readership grows so does the amount of potential posts you want to go and read.. thats why as blogs grow you hear bloggers saing they no longer have time to interact with their readers… and thats why sometimes when a newer blogger comments on a older bloggers post, it can seem like the older blogger has ignored them, but its not that at all, its simply a time thing. I do try to comment on lots and lots of blogs but it takes more time than any other aspect of blogging. ThankfullyI am an avid reader and enjoy reading other peoples blogs 🙂

    • Jen Walshaw

      sarahmumof3 » I understand where you are coming from, but sometimes I think it is nice to just make an effort and spend 10 minutes commenting on blogs.

  • Head in Book


    I tweeted that because I’d read a really good blog (not a personal one as such) and clicked on “like” (because I did!) in much the same way as I would “like” a picture or comment on Facebook that I didn’t have anything to add to.

    It then made me think, that a lot of the “likes” I have received on my blog (not all, and I only have a little blog anyway) were from WordPress accounts not attached to active blogs as such.

    I suppose I just worried that clicking on “like” rather than typing out “I like your blog” was a bit of a cop-out?

    It’s interesting to read the replies!

    • Jen Walshaw

      Head in Book » I don’t have the like option on my blog, so find it interesting. Would you click on it rather than comment?

    • Jen Walshaw

      Danielle Askins » I think that I have more time now, there have been times when I just couldn’t comment on blogs as I didn’t have the time, but as you say I love to receive them.

  • Gillian

    Very interesting, I like you tips. I always try to visit a blogger who has visited me, it feels like a nice thing to do. I used to reply to comments but it just took too long so I’ve stopped doing that now, which is a shame but necessary. I try to blog every two or three days, sometimes more, sometimes less. Not blogging in anger – a good tip!

    Gillian x

  • Helen Neale

    A great post – again. I am not sure there is a specific blogging etiquette – its just we all need to be polite on blogs, as we are in real life. I try to do this, returning comments, and making points in a clear but constructive way. I think that’s all we need to remember really – be polite and keep the blogger smiling!

    • Jen Walshaw

      Midlife Singlemum » I try not to give things rules and regulations, especially as I am a non conformist at heart, but even I need reminding sometimes

    • Jen Walshaw

      Jill » I am glad that you like the post. I think a gentle reminder is good for us all sometimes

  • Jack

    Great post, Jen. I have to say I love it when people take the time to leave a comment on my blog, and it’s something I really should do more of myself when I read a post that I particularly enjoy.

    • Jen Walshaw

      Jack » Commenting is something I try to do, but there are much less nowadays, I think that mobile devices don’t always make it easy

  • Heather

    I loved discovering the blogging community and it has brought me some fantastic friendships. I suspect one reason for less comments is reading blogs on your phone, as I often do now when I’m on the go. I love to catch up on reading posts but it’s a real pain to comment on my phone and I often think “I’ll go back and comment later” and promptly forget. Now I have a tablet I’m finding I’m commenting on lots more blogs again and it’s nice to rediscover that engagement.

  • Stephs Two Girls @stephc007

    Funny, I’m here reading this post because you’ve just +1’d me on Google+ which I’m very grateful for, then I get here and remember ‘oh yes, this is one of those blogs I like a lot but haven’t seen for a while’ and I know I see you more on another platform but can’t remember which one (am thinking Instagram, maybe…) and I’m just so very confused and wish I had more hours in the day!!! I LOVE blogging and reading other people’s the biggest part of that – am hugely frustrated lately by not being able to leave comments via mobile devices so my commenting has gone down. But i do know I appreciate any feedback, even just a like. So thanks 🙂

  • Kelly

    I just don’t have the time to comment on blogs as much as I would like. In fact I star all the posts I want to comment on but it is always pushed to the bottom of my to do list.

    Thank you for regularly commenting on my blog. It is appreciated.

  • Rachael

    I like to leave a comment when I have enjoyed a blog post or picture on instagram, though I probably don’t do it as much as I should. To be honest, I don’t think deeply about it. If I’ve enjoyed something, or it has struck a chord and I have time, I leave a comment and I don’t really expect a reply. I get the feeling that there are lot of people out there ‘liking’ and commenting in order to get a return comment on their work….Don’t get me wrong, I love it when I get to engage with people through blogs etc, but I’m not going to trawl the internet looking for people to love me. I am as sure as I can be that I write for myself and my family and if it pleases someone else, then that makes me happy too. See you soon on instagram!

  • Brooke

    So pleased to read this – I recently started out blogging and it’s so nice speaking to new people and hearing their thoughts on posts! As Sally said I don’t think you can go too far wrong if you’re just polite and kind!

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