Boost Your Home Value with These Improvement Projects

Many homeowners all over the world are currently thinking about how they can improve their homes. Not only is summer right around the corner, but many of us are still stuck inside our homes for health reasons. This makes now the perfect time to start planning how you want to improve your home and to get started on those projects. Below are some home improvement areas you should focus on that will not only make your home look better, but will improve the value going forward.

Add to the House

If you really want to boost the value of your home, you need to make it bigger. Adding an additional room or floor to your home will instantly raise the value. This is especially true if the room you add is an additional bathroom. Even adding a small bathroom into your basement can improve the value and doesn’t take too much investment. Adding onto your home isn’t feasible for everyone – it’s an expensive project and you need the space to do it – but if you’re looking for a big way to improve your home’s value, this is a good option to consider.

If you plan to add an additional bathroom to your home, be sure to hire the right type of plumber. Plumbers are either typically contract plumbers or service plumbers. According to Fix It Right Plumbing, “Service plumbers are the ones you call when you have a small job or need someone really quickly”. For much larger jobs, you may want a contract plumber.

Remodel the Kitchen

There are two main rooms in the home that play the biggest role in determining a home’s value. The first room is the kitchen. A kitchen that is completely modern and renovated will boost a home’s value more than one that hasn’t been updated in years. To remodel your kitchen, you’ll want to look at replacing the floors, swapping in more modern appliances, and possibly refacing your cabinets. Renovating your kitchen is a big job to undertake, but when you consider how much time you spend in it, it’s often worth the investment.

Remodel the Bathroom

The other room to focus on is your bathroom. It may not seem like it, but small bathroom upgrades can really raise the value of a home. For example, you could swap out your current bathtub for one that has water jets. Some other options include adding in a better showerhead, installing new sink countertops, or adding in a larger vanity mirror. Heated floors are a great accessory for any bathroom and you’ll enjoy using them when you step out of the shower. If you want to remodel a room, but the kitchen is too big for you to handle at the moment, consider upgrading one of your bathrooms.

Replace the Floors

Replacing the floors in your kitchen or bathroom is a great home improvement project, but you can also do it anywhere in your home. Add in new tile, hardwood or carpet is an instant upgrade to any room. The reason this boosts the home value is that the new owners won’t have to worry about replacing the floors themselves. Replacing floors is a big job, and so if you can prevent future owners from having to do this, it will raise the value of your home.

Take some time to examine your current floors and see if they are scratched up or if the carpet is starting to deteriorate. If so, now may be the perfect time to get a new floor in that room.

Upgrade the HVAC System

A major component in any home is the HVAC system. Your HVAC system may consist of a furnace, AC unit, and some ventilation ductwork. These systems are designed to last for a long time, but they won’t last forever. Even with regular maintenance, eventually, they will no longer be efficient or they will break down. When this happens, it’s a big expense to get them replaced. By replacing them now, you can use this as a selling point for your home. Homes with new AC units or furnaces will have an advantage over those homes with aging equipment.

Fix Up the Exterior

Finally, don’t forget about the exterior of the home. Curb appeal plays a big role in a home’s value, so you want it to look good from the outside. Replace your broken sidewalk, repave the driveway, add in some bushes or trees, and paint the outside of the home. Do whatever it is you need to do to make the outside of your home look as great as possible. These are all big jobs, so you may need to do them one at a time.