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The Ultimate No Spend or Low Spend Bored Jar list

In addition to our fabulous summer bucket list and activity list, we have a Bored Jar that I made last summer and that Cass has updated using lolly sticks.  So here is our ultimate bored jar list, over 110 ideas to keep the children occupied and busy this summer.

Bored jar list
Bored Jar list of Activities
  1. Let’s play – Read a book
  2. Go on your DS for 30 minutes
  3. Research the Romans on the computer
  4. Let’s cook – Biscuits
  5. Let’s cook – make pizza
  6. Tidy your room
  7. Pick a flower and paint a picture of it
  8. Go swimming
  9. Call on a friend
  10. Do the washing up
  11. Make music
  12. Go to the library
  13. Make rocky road or fridge cake
  14. Hopscotch
  15. Make an obstacle course
  16. Groom the dog
  17. Colour in a book
  18. Clean your bedroom
  19. Learn how to skip
  20. Help pair socks
  21. Draw around your sibling or parent
  22. Write 5 things you love about each member of your family
  23. Play with Lego
  24. Do a jigsaw
  25. Paint rocks
  26. Scoot around the block
  27. Make fingerprint animals
  28. Feed the ducks
  29. Put up the play tent
  30. Play with the toy cars
  31. No electronics for the rest of the Day
  32. Make cards
  33. Have a bath
  1. Write a story starting with “David had to find out where Rocky had gone…………………”
  2. Draw a map of our house
  3. Find out how many bones are in the human body
  4. Have a shower
  5. Draw a robot and label all its parts
  6. Pretend you are a knight
  7. Sort the laundry
  8. Make paper aeroplanes
  9. Have a tea party with your friends
  10. Empty the dishwasher
  11. Jump up and down 20 times
  12. Let’s cook – cupcakes
  13. Let’s cook – you choose
  14. Put on a DVD
  15. Go out on your Bike
  16. Get the paint out
  17. Go to a park
  18. Water the plants
  19. Make homemade bubbles
  20. Have an ice-cream
  21. Make hot chocolate
  22. Vacuum the stairs
  23. Craft with Mum
  24. Set the table
  25. 1 chore of Mums choice
  26. Draw a comic
  27. Play with Playmobil
  28. 30 minutes on the Wii
  29. Make Jelly 
  30. Feed the ducks
  31. Make a bird feeder
  32. Build a den
  33. Science time
  34. Draw a picture of our house from the outside
  35. Time for a Science Experiment
  36. Make a rainwater collector
  37. Climb a tree
  38. Make wooden spoon people
  39. Spend 30 minutes on Moshi Monsters
  40. Let’s cook – muffins
  41. Make’/fly a kite
  42. Let’s cook – Make popcorn
  43. Go out on your Scooter
  44. Board game
  45. Roll down a hill
  46. Go to the beach
  47. Sort out your shoes
  48. Borrow the camera
  49. Find five toys to give away
  50. Go for a walk
  51. Sweep the ground floor
  52. Do some stitching
  53. 30 mins with Mum
  54. Wash the car
  55. Football match upstairs
  56. 30 Minutes on the Xbox
  57. Go to a Museum
  58. Make a volcano
  59. Make a bottle rocket
  60. Plan dinner, write a menu, help cook and serve
  61. Have a race
  62. Build Sandcastles
  63. Wash the pots
  64. Plan a bean in a jar
  65. Make finger puppets
  66. Find shapes, animals and objects in clouds
  67. Write a poem
  68. Watch Phineas and Ferb
  69. Pretend you are a cowboy
  70. Make a family tree
  71. Empty the dishwasher
  72. Make a treasure map
  73. Make a paper plate monster mask
  74. Pretend you are a pirate
  75. Learn how to use the washing machine
  76. Go to soft play
  77. Steam mop the bathrooms
  78. Steam mop the kitchen
  79. Make a paper boat
  80. Take dog for a walk
  81. Write to your penpal
  82. Make a card
  83. Prepare dinner
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