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Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron Review and Giveaway

Before I start this review of the Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron, I am going to admit that I HATE ironing with a vengeance and as soon as I could I started outsourcing it!  That being said I do have really high expectations when I do iron.


When I do iron I want by iron to be powerful, easy to use and lightweight.  I want ironing to be a pleasure and not a chore.  We are an equal opportunity house, so I also want any iron we have to be so simple that both the husbeast and the boys can use it too.   So an iron has a lot of boxes to tick here.

Initial Thoughts on the Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron 

The iron comes is a really big box and if you haven’t used a steam generator iron before this will seem really unusual.  It is really self-explanatory and simple to use straight out of the box.  it all seems pretty family to me especially as I have previously used a similar style of iron.


What I liked about Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron 

  • I love that this is a really light iron. I suffer from carpal tunnel and arthritis, so a light iron is a must for me.  This is a huge benefit of steam generator irons as the weight is in the water and that is kept in the base,
  • The steam generator is really easy to fill with a pull our lip so water pours in really easily.  it also holds a lot of water, around 1 and a half litres which means you do not need to fill it up regularly.
  • It has Six perfectly coordinated ironing programmes offering the ideal combination of temperature and steam for specific fabrics. From silk and synthetics to denim and linen – you’ll get perfect results every time
  • It also has a magic i-Temp setting which means that it just knows the optimum temperature for the fabric you are ironing. This is just perfect for the husbeast and the boys!
  • The generator provides constant high-pressure steam, which makes ironing super fast.
  • The ProHygienic programme removes 99.99% of bacteria on garments during ironing using a unique combination of temperature, steam pressure and interval steam.  This is perfect if you have had a bout of illness in the house.
  • The secureLock system is easy to use and makes it safe to store and carry your iron.


The Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron is an investment purchase at £299.99 there is no denying that, but you do get a free ironing board (like the funky one on the photos and video) which is worth £69.99 when you purchase yourBosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron from Curry’s.  The Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron is so easy and simple to use.  It just glides over even the most creased fabric and makes light work of the ironing pile.


So as I told you at the beginning I have recently outsourced my ironing, so to put the Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron to the test I gave it to my lovely ironing lady and she loves it.  She said it is super powerful, really easy to use, but most of all it has shortened her time ironing and that has to be a great thing.  She loves it so much that I have gifted it to her!


Now for the best bit, I have teamed up with Bosch to offer you the chance to win your own Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron.
Bosch VarioComfort Steam Generator Iron

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