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Learning to love my Frizzy Hair

Breaking up with my Straighteners – Learning to love my Frizzy Hair

Learning to love my frizzy hair is a paid collaborative post with BaByliss as part of their #LoveYourHair campaign. My hair has always been a challenge, too thick, not curly enough, too curly, frizzy, grey, unruly, hard to brush and just a real challenge. When I was growing up I used to gaze longingly at the girls with the sleek bobs as much as the girls with tidy plaits. My hair never conformed and after a particularly difficult session trying to get the knots out my Mum just cut it all off!

It has taken me over 40 years to finally embrace my hair and in May this year, I stopped straightening it after over 15 years.  The reason for this was two-fold, firstly it was getting heat damaged after all the years of straightening and secondly, it needs a lot of straightening especially if I get hot and sweat – voila curls and frizz return.  So I thought I would have a summer off.

Now 3 months later my hair is in much better condition. I have dropped all products containing, silicons, parabens, sulfates and drying alcohols. I have started deep conditioning my hair on a weekly basis.  I have to say I am currently seeing much improvement and my curls are starting to return.

However, I am not going to lie and say that I haven’t missed having straight hair because I have, but I have also seen the massive difference that not using heat can bring to the condition of it. So I was really interested when I was asked to review the new Big Hair Care from BaByliss especially as it now includes care-for-hair Sensor Protect™ to precisely manage the heat and deliver an even airflow for kinder styling.  I have had a Big Hair in the past and always thought it did a fab job but found it still left my hair in need of straightening.

The Big Hair Care has brand new sensor protect technology, that gives just the right amount of heat for perfect styling but protects it from overheating as you style making it kinder on my hair.  It also has a cool setting to seal the cuticle and curl.   It comes with a Large 50mm ceramic barrel which works well on my just longer than shoulder length hair.

I think that Big Hair is a misleading name for this as it has never given me BIG pouffy hair, but more like that just been to a fabulous hairdresser and had the most amazing blow dry. It leaves me feeling a bit like I could be in the original Charlies Angels!

Top tips for Using the BabByliss Big Hair Care

  • Dry your hair to about 75% before using if it is thick and takes a lot of drying.
  • Section your hair with clips.
  • Finish off with a cool shot of air at the end to hold the wave.

See, I love how sleek it leaves my hair. Plus is still has body and bounce and some curl in the ends.

I can see me using the BaByliss Big Shot Care as my go-to method of hair styling. It made me feel really polished and you know what I really like my hair at the moment.  I like that it is so versatile and feel that I am doing much less damage with the Big Shot Care than I would do with hair straighteners.

How I broke up with my Hair Straighteners after 15 years

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