British Mummy Bloggers Carnival

So roll up, roll up and let me  present to you the wonderful world of British Mummy Bloggers.  I am Mummy Mad and I will be your ringmaster today, for what will be an exciting show full of ooo’s, ahhhhs and ehhhs!
So without further ado let me introduce the entertainment:
Red Ted Art shows us how to make a party Bag in  her first VLOG
She also tell us about her travel strike on her other blog The Good Life Blog
Zooarchaeologist tells us all about when Fifi went on a rampage in ……….
20 something Mum is thinking about Modern Day Dating- How Do They Do It?
Fraught Mummy at Brits in Bosnia (soon to be back in Britain) has a post on why do people not vaccinate their children
Tiddlyompompom give us some sage advise on things to avoid saying to a pregnant woman.
Babies who Brunch has regales us with tales on Transatlantic travel with a toddler
Nova at Cherished by Me tells us about little M’s best friend
Whilst Jo at Slummy Single Mummy lets us know about her peferct day
Insomniac Mummy has been thinking about returning to work and the realisation that she is more than just a mother.
Kate from Mums the word, tell us how a friendship shaped her life
Jude at Artful Adventures is pondering what our childrens artwork reveals
Mediocre mum has told us all about the Funniest Bits of Childbirth
I would also like to introduce to you to some mysterious creatures over at Amelies House, apparently you can only see them if you are young , so I am ruled out!

Young Mummy reminds us there is No I in Team

Home office Mum is basking in The heady heights of celebrity.
Kate from Mums the word, tell us how a friendship shaped her life

Ellen from a Bun Dance has had me in tears with this wonderful tribute to her brother Bye then, Nat. It was fun.

Muddling along Mummy  tells the Politicians please leave your families out of this election.
From Marketing to Milk post is Warning: employee overtaking on the right
A Modern Mother discusses being a mum in your 40’s
Sandy from Baby Baby  has been Crying in Clarks
Annie from Incessant ramblings tells us about Being a mum
Dawn from The Moiderer was left wondering if had been mother day
Lou from Archers at the larches has a 5 year old Thunderbird puppet in the house
Amy from one more means four tells us all about eyes 

No that is not a fire eater, it is just Bare Naked Mums pants, which are on fire for all the little white lies she tells her children.  I do hope it is now warm enough for Victoria from Its a small world after all as she needs Heat

Whilst the rest of us are watching the entertainment  21st Century Mum is busy wondering Have We Become a Generation of Paranoid Mummies.
Karen from Learning Made Fun is dreading the Easter Holiday Disruption, she needs to take a leaf out of The Frugal Family’s book and get the children making their own Board Games or Cathy at Nurturestores Cress heads.   She could even follow Really Rachael’s rules for Hide and Seek.


And whilst we have all been enjoying the show Trish from Mum has gone to.. has been visiting Rome and (not so) single mum is moving to Spain.


Please also pay a special visit to this lady who hasn’t been feeling well enough to face coming to the carnival, but has written a very brave piece on how depression doesnt make her feel worth of their love.
Whilst we have been watching the tightrope walkers, Liz at Living ith Kids has been very busy helping her son fulfil his ambition to be a knight
Now the carnival is at an end you may want to step in to Mrs Hot Cross Buns kitchen or join Kelly at her place for a little bit of Dreaming.  I do hope that Mrs Mummyslife hasn’t upset you with all this talk of arguing.
Helen at cheeky wipes has been busy saving a life and hopefully Ali at Motivating mum has been having a baby, her post is all about not selling yourself short and very inspirational.  Whilst we talk about baby’s take a look at Red and Relief from Baking Mad Mama.
Finally something for you all to ponder Ella at Most/Least has been asking if she should come out?
I would also like to let you know about the MAD’s, which are Mummy and Daddy (MAD) Blog Awards, celebrating the utter brilliance of British parent blogs.  There are some fantastic parent blogs our there and I have introduced you to only a small amount.  The British Mummy Bloggers Ning has over 1152!