Bulletproof Coffee – start your day the bulletproof way with Kerrygold 10

Have you come across Bulletproof® Coffee yet?  It is the new craze, which has been around quite a while in the fitness arena.  Apparently it can aid with weight loss, aid fatigue, speed up your metabolism and contains anti oxidants.  Are you intrigued?  I certainly was.

Bulletproof Coffee

Now I am going to admit I am not a coffee drinker at all, but the husbeast is, so I persuaded him to give bulletproof coffee a try (I didn’t even tell him what it was before he tried it) and he really loved it and I even had a drink.

Now I am not going to say that Bulletproof® Coffee it is a magical cure all, but It is a revelation, so give it a try!

Bulletproof Coffee


Freshly brewed coffee
Kerrygold unsalted butter
High Grade Coconut oil


Brew your coffee as your preferred method. The husbeast loves colombian and I am happy to oblige!

Bulletproof Coffee

Add 1 – 2 tablespoons of Kerrygold Unsalted Butter.

Bulletproof Coffee

Add 1 – 2 tablespoons of high grade coconut oil or Brain octane oil.

Bulletproof Coffee

Then blend until it is all emulsified. The coffee should be frothy and cook like a creamy latte.

Bulletproof Coffee

So why use Kerrygold?  Well Kerrygold cows are grazed on grass  for up to 312 days a year.  I am the daughter in law of a dairy farmer and I understand that a happy cow makes great quality milk and that cows are happy when they are on grass.  I also understand that what goes into a cow reflects on what comes out.  So the fact that the cows are fed on pesticide free grass and like my father in law they do not use growth hormones or antibiotics.

Kerrygold Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof® Coffee came about after an American health guru’s experience of drinking yak-butter tea at altitude in Tibet.

So what were our thoughts:

I am going to admit that I do not like the taste of it with coconut oil in, but with the brain octane in it was OK, but then again I am not a fan of coffee anyway.

MadDad said it was OK as long as you drank it before it separated again, but I only have a hand blender and it you have a fancy high power one then I think that it will be better.

He felt that there was something about the mix that gave him more of a buzz, but that would have been down to drinking it fast!


Have you tried Bulletproof coffee?  What did you think of it.

Bulletproof® Coffee