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How to make button bracelets, a beautiful homemade gift

Is there anything better than receiving a homemade gift made with love?  This beautiful button bracelet would be the perfect Mothers Day gift or tween craft.  I would be delighted to be the recipient of this gorgeous unique piece of jewellery which was made by Utterly Scrummy Food for Family’s daughter.

Button Bracelet_2

How to make a Button Bracelet

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You will need:

  1. Chain of desired colour and weight, we used a lightweight silver chain
    available in 1 metre lengths
  2. Jump rings, use a size large enough for your buttons, beads or charms to fit onto
  3. Lobster clasps or other fastening findings
  4. A selection of buttons, charms or beads
  5. Pliersfor cutting chain and opening and closing jump rings

How to assemble the bracelet:

Cut chain to desired length (7 or 8 inch is perfect for an adult wrist).

Attach fastening finding to each end, this allows the bracelet to be opened.  The ones used here are called toggle clasps, but you can use a traditional lobster clasp if you prefer.

Button Bracelet_4

Open each jump ring and thread on a charm, bead or button then thread through link in chain.

Button Bracelet_3

Close jump ring.

Repeat until you have the desired number of charms, beads or buttons on your bracelet.

Button Bracelet_5

I have a large tin of buttons which were my Mum’s and her Mum’s before her.  Some of them are beautiful and so unique making them perfect for crafting with.

Button Bracelet_1

You can find lots of inexpensive charms and other jewellery which you can break up to make your own button bracelet in charity shops or even at jumble sales or car boot sales and they are often less expensive than buying new or even off ebay.

There is no need to stop at a bracelet, you could make a longer one and create a necklace.  It would be wonderful to receive a set with a bracelet, necklace, ring or even earrings for mothers day.

I know that would love to know what you think of her bracelet, so please do leave a comment.  I think she is a talented young girl and I would love to receive a gift from her.

Button bracelets

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