Canada – The Perfect Place to Holiday with Kids

Choosing the perfect place to holiday as a family can be a real challenge especially when you add the volatility of kids or in my case teenagers into the mix. There is so much pressure involved in choosing the right place to holiday, especially when my family has so many different priorities and likes. My husband hates sunbathing and too much heat, Mini struggles with new places, Maxi is a thrill seeker and me, well as long as everyone else is happy then that makes me happy. So grab your eTA for yourself and your family and see why Canada is the perfect place to holiday with kids.

One important thing to keep in mind is that all travellers going to Canada need to apply for a visa or eTA Canada before departure, including children of all ages.

Grab your eTA for yourself and your family and see why Canada is the perfect place to holiday with kids, especially teenagers.

All travellers have to apply for a travel permit to travel to Canada, including (underage) children. For British travellers, this means you are required to apply for an eTA Canada. The eTA is a digital travel authorization to fly to Canada without a visa. If all the requirements are met you can apply online for your eTA Canada without needing to visit the high commission. Note that to apply for an eTA, each traveller must have a valid passport. This includes children make sure you check in advance if your and your children’s passports are valid for the required period and if needed, get a new one before applying for an eTA.

Canada is enormous; it is the second-largest country in the world in terms of surface area (second only to Russia) making it an extremely diverse country with something to suit everyone. It has 37 national parks and 10 national park reserves in the country so it has such an incredibly varied landscape including mountains, sandy beaches, the plains of the parties and the stunning glaciers found further north. Canada also has some amazing cosmopolitan cities and provinces.

When it comes to advice on where to visit, I always look for my fellow bloggers’ recommendations

Who’s the mummy visited Canada on a road trip before Lockdown and has some amazing recommendations of what to do over the summer for active families including Vancouver, Whistler, Kelowna and Shuswap

MummyTravels suggests that a Motor Home trip to Ontario is great for keeping the flight time down and home to some of the country’s biggest attractions. There’s Niagara Falls, for starters, plus the city of Toronto just two hours away with its multicultural neighbourhoods, laid-back islands and beach.

Travel Mad Mum has some fabulous things to do in Alberta including Prince’s Island Park, the Skyline Luge at Olympic Park; and also the top of the Skytower.

If you’re still looking for more things then To Do Canada is full of ideas for great things to do across the country with teenagers and kids of all ages.

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