Capturing those special moments with a Sony Xperia X 10

What is the one thing that you always have with you?  For me, it is my phone.  I would be lost without it.  I use it a lot for emails, our family diary, banking, work, phone calls and taking pictures.  I use my phone for taking pictures more than anything else I use it for and I want to capture all those special moments with it. So when it comes to my phone the camera is key

Capturing those special moments

Now I am going to admit that I am a long term iPhone user, so when I was offered a Sony Xperia X to review I was interested to see what they had to offer and if they could make me give up my beloved iPhone. All of the images without the Xperia in have been taken on the Xperia!

First Impressions of the Xperia X

I was sent the rose gold Sony Xperia X and it is a beautiful looking phone and is slightly larger than an iPhone 6.  I was delighted to find that it already had about 50% charge and doesn’t need a fancy smanchy charging cable, it is just a simple mini USB cable which you get in the box.  There is also a tiny instruction booklet, but I haven’t even opened it, which goes to show you how simple it is to set up.


You really do not need to be a genius to set up and get working.  There is a little box in the middle of the screen which goes through all you need to know, from learning the basics,  transferring your stuff and keeping everything secure.  I thought it was going to be a challenge moving from IOS to Android, but it has a really intuitive interface.


However, what really stands out is the picture quality and the screen display is bright, vibrant and really clear.  Pictures look so much better on the screen, in fact, everything is brighter and has more clarity on the display.

The Sony Xperia X Camera

The Sony Xperia X really comes into its own when it comes to its 23-megapixel camera.  I love that with the quick launch feature you can take a picture under a second (apparently just 0.6 seconds).  Plus it comes with intelligent autofocus, which basically means lets you choose a person or object and automatically track it. Now your subject stays in focus, even when moving, it is magic, well it is Predictive Hybrid Autofocus!   It is brilliant if the kids are playing football or on their scooter.  Sony call these X moments and the Xperia does an amazing job of capturing them, just look at Mini below with both wheels off the floor!

Capturing those special moments mini scooter

It also has a 13mp front camera perfect for posting  pouting selfies (so the kids inform me).  It performs really well in low light too.

family selfie

When it comes to video, the quality is ace too.  I took a great video of Maxi having his hair cut and it did a great job, plus the big thing is that you can add a 200 GB microSD™ card, so do not have to worry about your videos hogging the memory.

Capturing those special moments 1

I love that I even managed to capture Maxi here with Sharon after his milestone haircut!  This boy has never had anything but long hair and Sharon has been cutting his hair since he was a tiny baby and anyone with tweens knows that they do not pose for anything but selfies!


Would I buy a Sony Xperia X?  Yes, I would. In fact, it is what is currently in my handbag, however, it is currently being fought over by the MiniMads.  it is a really covetable phone with some great features and the more I use it the more I gain and learn from it.

The battery life is ace, which for Pokemon Go is very important (Yes the MiniMads are hooked)! It is a great sized phone, comfortable in the hand without being too small or too big.

I will come back and update this post once we have used the phone for longer and have tried out more.

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