Car care Guidelines for a smooth winter trip with family

As winter has almost approached and snow is about to cover our roads we need to plan and manage things accordingly. Extreme and harsh weather conditions cause us to halt many of our daily tasks. In order to remain uptight and vigilant to face this season we need to properly pack ourselves and our kids in warm clothes and take a very good care of our health during this time.

Car care Guidelines for a smooth winter trip with family

Along with our basic health care, we also need to keep a vigilant check on our automobiles that act as the main source of our commute in this harsh weather. Hence, our cars need to be fully prepared to face the snow and ice that they will roll on. An important and most significant check should be on the tyres of our vehicles as they are the only vehicle part directly in contact with snowy and cold terrain.

Inspect the tread Depth

You need to first of all see whether the tyre tread depth is suitable for your car to be driven in winter. A tread depth is an outer layer of your vehicle’s tyre that shields it from damage caused by an external environment such as rough road terrain or wet weather causing your tyre go misty from inside. During winters the tread depth of your tyre needs to be around 3mm so that it has a strong grip on ice or snow and does not let your car skid away in the wrong direction. This helps you and your family safe during a trip in such harsh weather.

Car care Guidelines for a smooth winter trip with family

Get strong Tyres

You need to realise that if your tyres are showing signs of deterioration and wear then they are not suitable for winters. You should then consider buying winter tyres that have excellent braking ability as compared to normal season tyres. Further, tyres specially manufactured to be used  in winters have strong road grip and improved traction system on snow and icy roads. Tyres can be a real game changer and if you are considering replacing your wheels – you should do it before your safety is compromised. For areas like London, you should choose a reliable tyre provider. One such reliable tyre dealer from where you can now book new tyres in London from is Iverson Tyres – call them for local fitting (020 8566 4666). Investing in quality tyres will help you save day to day repair expenses that you do on worn out and old tyres.

Car care Guidelines for a smooth winter trip with family

Examine Tyre Pressure

During winters tyres tend to get hard and lose required air pressure in them. The cold weather causes your tyres to underinflate quicker. In such a scenario you need to properly measure the air pressure level through a measuring gauge , in case if you find out that air pressure is not according to the required level, you need to get your tyres properly pumped up to be used all around the season. Further balanced tyre pressure will save you from facing unexpected tyre flattening situations in between your journey and will also help you avoid getting stranded on the road waiting for any external help.

If you follow the above guidelines properly , you will be able to spend your winters trips smoothly with your family and loved ones.

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