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I love making things with stuff we might throw away.  We have been collecting cardboard tubes or loo rolls for ages to make this super cute cardboard tube village.

cardboard tube houses

I have seen lots of these sort of villages lit up at christmastime and they look wonderful, but we are a colourful family and decided that our village would be a reflection of us.

cardboard tube houses

How to make a cardboard tube village


cardboard tubes


Cardboard tube
Craft knife
colourful scrapbook papers
Battery operated tealights



It really is a super simple craft that you can do with kids of all ages, just make sure that you do not let the little ones lose with a craft knife!

cardboard tube houses 3

Firstly paint your cardboard tubes a variety of colours and let them dry.

cardboard tube houses5

Cut out windows with your craft knife.

cardboard tube houses6

We painted our shutters a darker shade of the colour we painted the cardboard tubes.

cardboard tube houses

Cut out the roofs using a circle.  We practiced a couple of times with our compass and some pain paper.

cardboard tube houses

Once you have the circle, then cut out a chunk (technical term), so you don’t have too much paper and curl it round to form the cone and use clear tape to secure.

cardboard tube houses

Glue your roof on the top of your houses.

cardboard tube houses

You can them place the houses over a battery operated tea light so it looks all ready for the darker evenings drawing in.

We had so much fun making these and they look wonderful with the tealights flickering in them on an evening.

light up cardboard tube houses

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