a mothers secrets

A Pause in Lent – Tempation

As I write this I am tired, not just physically, but also mentally too.  My mum is home, well at my home at the moment and visiting, arranging and organising has really tested me this last couple of weeks and will continue to do so I imagine. Firstly mum is going to be staying in TheMadHouse until we can arrange for stair lifts, which should have been done by the hospitals in-house social care and social work team, but the lady responsible for mum was off sick, so it was either stay in hospital (which she really didn’t want) or come home to me.  The only other alternative was to move […]

Pregnancy Lows 6

A mothers secrets has asked for any experiences on pregnancy lows this month.  I have never posted about my pregnancies with the boys so thought I would participate.  Just a disclaimer before you read on, it doesnt seem all that bad or dramatic now. What can I say about being pregnant, it was a hard road for us to get MaxiMad and MiniMad, Maxi particularly. I had suffered numerous miscarriages, including twins at 20 weeks and a molar pregnancy, which meant that I had to have blood tests monthly for two years. So MadDad and I put being and getting pregnant out of our minds and enjoyed our life as a […]