British Mummy Bloggers Carnival

So roll up, roll up and let me  present to you the wonderful world of British Mummy Bloggers.  I am Mummy Mad and I will be your ringmaster today, for what will be an exciting show full of ooo’s, ahhhhs and ehhhs! So without further ado let me introduce the entertainment: Red Ted Art shows us how to make a party Bag in  her first VLOG She also tell us about her travel strike on her other blog The Good Life Blog Zooarchaeologist tells us all about when Fifi went on a rampage in ………. 20 something Mum is thinking about Modern Day Dating- How Do They Do It? Fraught Mummy […]

Calling for entries for the Next British Mummy Bloggers Carival

It seems like eons ago I put my name down to host one of the wonderful Mummy Bloggers Carnival and finally my time has come.  So I would like to put a shout out to everyone out there to send me their best post of the past month for the next carnival which will go live on Tuesday 30 March. There is no theme, just send me the link for the post you wish to include, oh and daddy bloggers are welcome too! You can either leave me a comment with the link on this post or e-mail me via muminthemadhouse at orange dot co dot uk I have a hard […]

My Most Surreal Mummy Moments

Well I have been parenting for nearly 5 years now, so I am obviously an old hand at this lark, yeh right.  But one thing can be sure, is that my children surprise me everyday. One of my moments actually happened at Parents Evening for MaxiMad, he has a red book that is filled in with observations etc by the teaching staff.  MadDad and I were sat reading through it whilst waiting for our turn to see his teacher.  We came across the following entry: Maxi is in the construction area, using the blocks to build a boat, when asked who was in the boat he replied “this seat is for […]

Technolodgy Stops Play 9

My Laptop is dead, RIP Greenie (yes it has a name).  I know I bet you were expecting it to be snow stops play, but no it has stopped school for the last two days and looks like no let up for the rest of the week. Thankfully Suzanna at A Modern Mother is hosting the first Mummy Bloggers Canival of the decade, so there is much more intesresting blogs out there to read! I will be back, when my technologocal issues are solved or when I get chance to pinch MadDad’s work laptop.