craft cupboard

Less is more when it comes to gluing 1

MiniMad loves gluing and sticking, it is one of his favorite craft activities and he would do it all day and every day if given the chance.  My one tip for this is to have everything accessible and easily seen, so that children can do all of this themselves. In my sticking box, as he calls it I have: Feathers Pom poms Foam shapes Lolly sticks Glitter Sequins Googly eyes Bits and bobs Various glues Having all the various things that he likes to use in one place means that he can get it out of the craft cupboard and it is an easy and mostly mess free activity for any […]

Craft cupboard finnished

Thanks to a wonderful friend and my in laws, I have managed to finish the inside of the doors on our craft cupboard in the dinning room. I have hooks for the boys art smocks on one door and on the other door inside I now have a wonderful cork board, so that I can pin inspiration, ideas and other things to it. I am reallt pleased with how it turned out. The finnish on the outside of the unit is unfinnished pine and we have left it like that for the last three years and are still unsure of how to finnish it, infact we quite like the wethered look […]