CyberMummy 2010

CyberMummy 2010

A bit like winning a luxury holiday with no flights…………. Now please, please don’t get me wrong here, I had a super fantastic day on Saturday and the best bit for me was meeting for the first time all these wonderful, nay remarkable women. These people that I am overjoyed to call my friends and with whom I have shared so many ups, downs and just middlings! The mummy blogging world is just full of so many inspirational and amazing people and I feel truly blessed to be part of it. So lets talk about the day, well firstly a big hats of to Suzanna, Sian and Jen for having the […]

CyberMummy, Working with Brands – Live Blog

 14:00 – 14:50 Working with brands and the tricky business of making money How to successfully branch out, work with companies, and make your passion for blogging pay Natalie Lue, (moderator) Samantha Harris from Leapfrog Kelly from MS & L, MS&L Sian To, and As Clear As PR Gina Garrubbo, Blogher  Eva Keogan, aka Nixdminx I have been lucky enough to get to CyberMummy with the help from a number of brands.  I am the product ambassador for Carex and have been lucky enough to receive some of their new hand and Surface Spray and Aroma Gels, which I will be reviewing here.  I have also received sponsorship in the form […]

Meet me at CyberMummy and ask for samples!

  Name:  Jen aka Mummy Mad Blog:   TheMadHouse Twitter ID:   @mum_themadhouse Height:   5ft 2 ish Hair:   Brown and grey! Eyes:   Mucky Brown Likes:   Family, sewing, crafting, art, chatting, eating and living! I am going to be at CyberMummy as the brand ambassador for Carex, who are introducing a two new aromatics handgels and a hand and surface spray, all of which are handbag sized.   I am ever so thankful to Carex for providing me with this opportunity and I will have a review of the products before CyberMummy and also a giveaway of them too, for anyone who can not attend.  I also need to say a great big thank you […]