Dad 11

I don’t need to write down how much of a fab dad MadDad is to the boys, as they experience it everyday. They are so lucky to have such a fantastic male roll model in their lives, instead I am going to tell you a little about my Dad.

My Dad

Does the passing of time without someone in your life make them them become larger than life? I often wonder if I look back on my time with Dad with rose tinted glasses, but then I realise that no, this was just the man he was.

My Dad was a mans, man. He was an engineer and worked in the ship yards, He was a strong man with wide fingers and muck permanently under his nails. The lines in his hands highlighted by the oil and grime put there from years of hard graft.

Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality

11 years, an eternity some days, but a split second on others. You are forever part of my life, I love and live by the rules you instilled in me, I learn each day how important you have been in moulding me. I am your echo, your legacy. As my children are mine, carrying with them a part of me and, therefore, a part of you. I hope they grow in to great men like you were. I refuse to live my life in anger at your early death, instead I remember the days we had. I remember feeling safe and cradled in your hands. I remember joy and freedom. You […]

11 Years ago Today

It was 6.30 am when the telephone rang, my first thought was who in earth could be calling at this time and punched MadDad to answer the phone (as it was on his side of the bed). He did and then time just stood still. He turned to me as white as a sheet and with the words “there has been an accident, your Dad is in hospital. We need to leave now” the day stood still. We lived in Berkshire at the time and my dad was in Middlesbrough General Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit over 320 miles away.  We got dressed, put the cats in their basket and […]

The Past in Pictures

Once I started scanning in pictures, well I couldn’t stop and I have asked my mum of I can have the family tin, which is a box full of wonderful pictures and things from our family history.   Look at those side burns, this is me and my wonderful dad.  I still have the rabbit, well mini has claimed it and my mum still lives in the same house, although she doesn’t have the bar or the wonderful mural on the wall in the sitting room. This is me and my wonderful paternal Grandad who lived with us.  I was his reason for living.  He suffered from cancer before I was […]

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 14

Ten years ago today my dad died.  When you say it like that it all sounds very simple, doesn’t it, but it wasn’t.  It was oh so complicated and messy. What can I tell you about my dad, well like most daughters, I was the apple of his eye.  I had a very special relationship with him, which continued till the day he died.  I was a proper daddy’s girl.  I loved being in his company and he was a great friend in addition to a super dad. Long before it was trendy to push the pram and change nappies, my dad was doing all this. He bathed me, dressed me […]