Pyjama Pajama Kickstarter Project 4

Pyjamas without labels that rub, scratch or irritate – tick
Pyjama tops that are cool enough to wear as T shirts – tick
Pajamas that capture children’s imagination and move away from high street character driven ones – tick
Pyjamas that have facts on them – tick

This and more is the goals and aims of Pyjama Pajama, a new company who are looking for Kickstarter investment at the moment.

Nature or Nurture

I have clever children, there I have said it.  I have got rid of the elephant in the room.  They are very bright and intelligent (gifted and talented they call them at school, but that term just doesn’t sit well with me, as all children are talented in someway).  But before I go on about their amazing abilities, let me tell you a story: I use to feel inferior as a mum, both the boys were late walkers and never even crawled.  I used to compare maxi to his peers in my NCT antenatal group when we lived in Berkshire.  I used to come home and cry and feel inferior as […]