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Body Positivity – Has it become an issue of privilege? 33

Are you bikini ready and body confident? I’m really struggling at the moment with body positivity. Having gone through a double mastectomy and failed reconstruction, I was always going to have issues with my changed body. However, it has really come to the fore this spring with the influx of social media campaigns declaring that all bodies are beautiful. A large number of these campaigns are run by people who I would consider to be attractive women of an average size. Of course, all women are prone to body insecurity. But I can’t help but feel that when an average-sized woman is presented as the champion of fat acceptance, it totally […]

Body Confidence - Has it become an issue of privilege?

2010, the year we will……. 11

Cuddle Mummy in the night if I get scared -Maxi Learn to write my name – Mini Be a footballer – Maxi Learn to write mummy’s name – Maxi Spend less time on the PC – Me Dance more with a smile on my face – MadDad Give up my dummies – Mini Swim a length without armbands – Maxi Go to swimming lessons – Mini Learn to Knit – Me Share and eat lots of chocolate – Maxi Learn to crochet – Me Have a weekly family games evening after dinner – all We are not big on resolutions at the start of the year really and also not all […]

Keeping it real 7

There has been a bit of a theme out there in blog world about keeping it real, about blogs only showing the glossy and best bits.  I am not sure I agree with this and actually think that a lot of British Blogs are very honest in their dark sartorial, sarcastic type of way. I think that my blog a bit like real life has a way of bringing me back down to earth with a bang.  I use my blog mainly as a record of my tiny mind and things that me and my boys have done. I was all set to spend some time this afternoon doing a post […]