Children’s Craft Showcase – Painting

Sometimes painting with children can seem such a daunting task, it can take on a uncontrollable pace all of its own, which is why it is often great to use paint with an end in mind. So I set up the painting tings on the dining table yesterday for when I collected the minimads from school and decided we would do blow painting with a straw and then do some marble rolling. Materials Paint Water Paper Straws Marbles Tray (A bowl would be better from smaller children) Method You need to water down your paint for this to make sure that it blows and rolls easily.  I tend to drop blobs more »

Pavement Paint 1

In between the rain we managed to do some pavement painting. I found the idea here at kiddo and have been waiting for a rain free day to give it a try. All you need is Cornflour Water Food colouring Containers brushes or foam You just combine the water, cornflour and food colouring in containers. The boys loved it, they like to paint inside, but they had free rein outside and just experimented with mixing colours and making shapes. It started to rain on us, which cut things short, but I have promised a repeat performance as soon as it is dry and we have time. As you can see from more »

Painting Money Boxes

My boys loves painting objects and I often keep an eye out for things in the pound shops and put them in our craft cupboard for morning like this. Both boys have been up since six and asking to paint, so I got out of my stash a couple of small money boxes for them to paint, granted the poster paint in them had dried out, but I have plenty of that. So they both sat at the dining table with old newspaper under and started work on their masterpieces. I have also frozen some ice treasures for later on this afternoon whilst my mum is looking after them during an more »