Spending cuts to hit the North Harder – but what will they mean for you?

The wonderful Baby Genies post about the upcoming spending cuts really resonated with me today.  I am starting to wonder what is coming to the world.  I have blogged about make take on politics, the election and what I wanted to see before and it seems to be as though none of the politico’s were listening. So what will this week bring?  It seems to be that the word of the month has been fairness, although I fail to see what is fair about taking child benefit from families where one parent is in the higher tax bracket, especially is like us, I am not working. Nick Clegg also announced this […]

Politics, what I would like to see

The wonderful Emily over at babyrambles has done a recent post on politics and the fact that the parties seem to be focusing on us mums quite a bit for this coming election. The thing is I started to reply in a comment, but released if I didn’t stop the comment would be larger than the post! So I decided to do a post in homage to the original So what issues are important to me? Firstly as a stay at home mum finances are key to me. MadDad and I struggle by and I mean struggle, we are getting deeper and deeper in debt each month. It was our choice […]

Never underestimate the power of a woman 7

It seems as though the up and coming election has forced the UK’s political parties to sit up and recognise that woman and particularly mothers are going to play a big part in the next general election. There have been a number of articles in the newspapers over the last couple of days highlighting this issue: The Independent on Sunday has one here Even the Sun got in on the act too It is about time I feel that us woman and us mothers especially were listened too and not only as there is a general election coming, but we are raising the next generation of citizens for our country. Politics […]