How You Can Help Shy Kids Feel More Confident With Their Studies 2

There are some problems that feel easy to solve when you’re a parent. There are some questions that your kid has that have easy answers. How are we going to get that toy out of the tree? Why does the sunrise in one place and set in another? Why is it so important to drink water? But there are some problems that we find a little harder to solve, and some situations that require a little more time and patience.

5 Simple tips to make going back to school easier 1

Hard to believe but I have been doing the back to school routine now for over 11 years This year Maxi will be going into year 11 (his GCSE year) and Mini into Year 10. After all these years being a school mum I have some excellent tips that make the back to school routine easier for all involved.

The Ultimate Back to School Resource 21/22 1

Over the years, I have gathered together some amazing information, tips and tricks all about going back to school or starting school and each year I gather them all together to create this The Ultimate Back to School Resource 221/22.

No Cards, Just Cookies 12

  I know that I am not alone in this as The Dotterel at Bringing Up Charlie blogged about it too.  I HATE CHRISTMAS CARDS.   Yep, I shouted.  It possibly stems from the fact I am a Christmas baby and I would rather have my measly few birthday cards up instead of Christmas cards. This issue with cards has grown year on year, especially as I have to write most of them.     It was fine when I worked, I would send out an e-mail saying Merry Christmas and that we wouldn’t be sending out cards, but donating to the NSPCC instead.  MadDad still does this with his work […]

A Very Proud Mummy 6

If any one would like to ask me what I want for my children it would be for them to be happy and balance individuals. Well MadDad and I spent the evening at the minimads school talking to the boys teachers and I have come away a very happy bunny. We were told we should be proud of our children as they are balanced, happy and well mannered children.  MiniMad is in the Preschool and you will remember that it was terrible getting him settled, but it seems all in the distant past.  His key worker, who is the head of nursery informed us he was a real joy.  A very […]

Spiritual Sunday 3

By perseverance the snail reached the ark. Charles Haddon Spurgeon I thought that this was very apt this week, as we have been soldiering on regardless with MiniMad and his issues with attending Preschool. It has been a hard and heartbreaking week and many afternoons I have come home and had a good sob about leaving him somewhere he clearly doesn’t want to be.  The thing is he only cries for about 5 minutes and then gets on with things and tells me he has had a lovely time when I come to collect him, so we decided to keep trying. Well guess what, on Friday we had a breakthrough.  I […]

You will be assimilated, resistance is futile 4

Every afternoon since last Wednesday I have been taking MiniMad to Preschool.  every afternoon without fail I have received a phone call asking me to come and collect him early. It happened again today.  He is fine when I drop him off, he runs and pops his name on the board and gets stuck in to something, coming back to give me a quick kiss, but then about half way through his session the tears come from nowhere. He can seemingly be fine, he was coming down the slide this afternoon, when all of sudden he bursts in to floods or tears and becomes inconsolable. I took in his dummy and […]

MiniMads First Day at preschool 1

My baby is grown up.  MiniMad his first time at preschool today without me.  It was so hard leaving him there, but he was really happy until 4 minutes before I collected him, when he wanted to come home.  They think that was because he was asked to tidy up. I am so proud of him, he looked like a little man.  What is it about putting a uniform on children that all of a sudden makes them look at least a year older than they are. He loves his “work” outfit, as he calls it, although it makes it harder for me in the park after school now, as I have […]

We have a date 2

Well my minimad, my littlest munchkin will be starting preschool next Wednesday afternoon. He had his home visit this afternoon and kept telling the head of preschool that he was starting tomorrow!!! I have a few forms to fill in and return and some preparation work to do with him. He has already tried on his uniform, which he calls he work clothes and is definitely ready for a little more interaction and play with more children his age. He will be doing an hour on the first afternoon and I will remain there, behind the scenes so to speak and then he will go 2 hours per afternoon. He is […]

Accepting Change and Trying to Embrace it 1

I am trying really hard to be accepting of MaxiMad starting school, but even though I know it is the right thing for him, it doesn’t stop it being hard to leave him at the doorway. I am so thankful that he is enjoying it, in fact he was in his uniform at 6am this morning when he came and woke MadDad.  He runs into his classroom shouting “Bye Mum” and that is the last I see of him a blur in Red, which is great. He regales me with tales of what he has done, read What Time is it Mr Wolf and then played the game, happy that he […]