summer activities

Baby Steps

We have spent the afternoon outside scootering (if that is the right word). The eldest MiniMad is quite proficient on his scooter, but his younger brother is not so keen. He wants to be able to just do it like his big brother and refuses to use a larger wheeled scooter – one of the challenges of a 15 month gap between the boys. So we have been working on the premise of baby steps and he has really enjoyed this afternoons practice and what I thought would be an hour out at the most has turned into a nearly 4 hour scooterthon!!! I think once he got it, he just […]

Paper Plate Craft

It has been very wet here again so we decided to crack open the craft cupboard again and this time so something with paper plates. Each of the boys decorated their paper plates with water colour tablet paints from the pound shop. Then they cut out images from the Tesco Magazine (any food magazine is perfect for this and I am not one for throwing much away) Then they stuck the food to their plates If you have older children you could use this activity to start doing different food groups or you could used tissue paper to make the food. If you have younger children, it pays to have some […]

Noahs Ark Childrens Centre

We spent most of the day here today and it is a great place. Full of things the children can do, not just the obligatory soft play, slides, ball pool, trampoline, but also crafts, dressing up, jigsaws, play dough, kitchen area and reading area. I took my 4 year old niece too and we had a ball. We spent a lot of the morning on the active things going down the slides and just running off lots of energy. We then had a lovely healthy lunch (they don’t serve chips or fizzy drinks), all three of the children ate really nicely and enjoyed their food. We then went to the craft […]

Pine Cone Bird Feeders 1

The MiniMads and I went to the local sure start centre this afternoon, for some Amazing Animal and Bug fun and the boys loved it. The weather was kind and the rain held off, so they went on a bug hunt, enjoyed looking at them in their bug catchers. Drew the animals as best they could. Finlay did worms, which were just brown lines, but they were worms none the less. We also sang animal songs and read animal stories and made Pine cone bird feeders with lard and seeds. It was so easy to make, just mix the lard with seeds and oats with your hands – lovely messy fun […]

A little bit about us all and the start of the holidays 7

We are a family of five, trying to get through life in a happy, but somewhat chaotic house. I am a little obsessive, MadDad is practically perfect in every way and the MiniMads are happy, joyful, curly haired monsters aged 4 and 3. We also have a really old long hair white cat Mr Smudge to you and me, he kind of comes and goes as he pleases. MadDad works Monday to Friday to keep us in pennies and I am a SAHM, who is going to tentatively start work part time over the summer at home. This is our first summer before the eldest MiniMad starts school and is a […]