Water Wednesday

We have had a wonderful day again we spent the morning at the swimming pool as we do on a Wednesday at Duckings and it is really nice to have both the minimads there together again. Their interaction is really improving and they really enjoyed throwing the ball to each other. The both stayed within their depth without armbands and I kept a watchful eye. It is a joy to see them both so confident in the water. We also had a great afternoon playing at a friends and the boys had real fun just making dens and tents with some blankets under the dinning room table. We also made a […]

Swimming – Proud Mum Moment

This morning has been a challenge, I am not feeling on tip top form and the MiniMads are pushing the boundaries somewhat. Anyway I decided to take them to our regular Wednesday Swimming to burn off some energy and guess what, DS1 has just earned his 5 meters backstroke badge. I was astounded, amazed and ever so proud, that my four year old has managed a width of the little pool on his back without any floatation aids. They both adore swimming and I tolerate it as I want them to be confident in the water and enjoy swimming. So even though I feel sick, have had no sleep and have […]

Ducklings – my little swimmers

I take the minimads swimming once a week and have done since both of them were six weeks old. It is important to me and MadDad that they have confidence in the water and enjoy swimming.The Eldest MiniMad graduated to swimming lessons on a Tuesday afternoon just after his forth birthday and is really enjoying the Independence that it brings and is currently doing his Duckings 4 badge. The youngest and I go to an organised session on a Wednesday morning and he has just completed his Duckings 2.However, over the holidays both the Mini’s and I will be going every Wednesday morning. we used to all go together until April […]