A nicer sort of Thursday 2

Today has been Thursday, but a different sort of Thursday. A rearranged less stressed Thursday. A much nicer, happier, more relaxing and preferential Thursday – yes you get my drift. We had friends over this morning and played and laughed. We then had lunch from leftovers. Went to animal antics at Sure start Went to mums and got her shopping list Left the boys with her Did her and my shopping Went back to mums and cooked for the boys Fed the boys Got back in the car and came home to a house where MadDad had emptied the bins Put the recycling out for collection watered the plants fed the […]

Hell in a handcart

I guess this morning is just the start of one of those day that you wish hadn’t started. I guess the night wasn’t that great either.The Youngest MiniMad didn’t settle at all and ended up sleeping in our bed, which meant that I had hardly any sleep. The eldest MiniMad had one of his very rare accidents (he has a chest infection and all the that coughing can not help). I spilt my cup of tea all over my bed. Came down to put the first load of washing in to find The Cooking Fat had had two accidents during the night too.Now the thing is Thursday are not the most […]