Home Made Pasta Sauce 3

Cooking, baking, making, gardening, cleaning, well everything in TheMadHouse is a real family affair.  We tend to really enjoy doing things together.  Some may find that strange, but I love spending time with all the men in my life, including that very strange cat too.  Anyway I digress.  Remember all those green tomatoes from the garden, well some had ripened and we decided to make a sauce for pasta. So we set too, kind of in a production line way.  MadDad and I deskinned and deseed the tomatoes.  Maxi and MiniMad strained the seeds and juice. DadDad prepared the peppers and onions and MaxiMad chopped them.  I then cooked all the ingredients […]

Too Many Green Tomatoes

Our tomato’s just haven’t managed to ripen this summer and we have been left with boxes of Green ones, so we are taking a tip from Alan (Titchmarsh of course – garden guru) and have [popped them in to cardboard boxes and added an apple in the hope that some more of them ripen off. Once they are riper I plan to make jars of pasta sauce with them. But what to do with the green ones, Ideas on a postcard please………  Only joking, please add a comment if you have any easy and yummy ideas for me.