Since when is this acceptable? 18

The weather this week has been terrible, we still have snow despite the thaw and one of the issues the milder weather has brought has been the hazard of compacted snow with an extremely slippery surface.  In fact it is like walking on wet glass, well what I think walking on wet glass would feel. MadDad and other neighbours have been clearing driveways and the road during the snow regardless of the fact that many people seem to think that there is an issue over being sued if someone falls.  This does appear to be something of an urban legend and I have not been able to find a single instance more »

Rain Catchers 4

This afternoon as one of our crafts is a do a little bit of a time one, the boys wanted to make rain catchers, like they had seen on Cbeebies. I was hoping for a little less rain this summer, but it is Britain!! This is our interpretation of it, as we couldn’t find the information on the website!!! We took a couple of water bottles and I cut the top third off and we turned it upside down and fitted it in the bottom two thirds of the bottle to use as a funnel. We then taped the jagged edge at the top with some inexpensive electricians tape (I had more »