Wednesday writing workshop

Why my Christmas’s will always be stuck in the 70’s 15

When I was growing up Christmas was a magical time.  It usually started after my Birthday on December 20th when we would put up the tree and the decorations.  Now this was no mean feet as my parents lived in a Edwardian house with very high ceilings and we would string paper chains from each corner to the ceiling rose in the centre of the room. The tree would also be placed on a table in the bay window and would be about 8 foot tall. My Granddad, who lived with us would always take me and my little brother out for a couple of hours Christmas shopping whilst my mum more »

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 8

Guilty Pleasures I am not sure that I have many pleasures that I feel guilty about, but I do have a number of things that make my life good, if not great and bring me great pleasure too. I like tea, no lets change that I love tea.  I have and am know in some circles as a Tea Monster.  It is my drink of choice, followed back Jack Daniels.  The thing is I need it to be a decent cup of tea, none of this wood shavings in a tea bag, lord no. I like my tea of of a special cup and preferably made with leaves, dont you know.  more »

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 14

Everything doesn’t need to be Perfect I used to be a professional who gave 110% to my work.  I was good at my job, some would even say great.  I won commendations from our CEO in the US.  I relocated 600 people without one of them losing a single item in to a brand new building of 160000 square feet over 5 weekends.  I was a perfectionist, I did what I need to get a job done perfectly. Enter being pregnant and motherhood.  I struggled at being pregnant, I didn’t do it well, I didn’t bloom, I didn’t enjoy it, I was very ill indeed.  I was pants at giving birth more »

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 8

In an ideal world a hospital for me would focus on healing the mind, in addition to healing the body.  It would be a calm and peaceful place catering for all the needs of the people there. Now I have been in and out of hospital enough lately to be able to say that the staff are wonderful and do the very best with the resources available to them, so this is not an NHS bashing post, but a far away dream. On my visit in February this year, I was awarded a single occupancy room and it was fantastic, I had my own bathroom  area, which was in a wet more »

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 14

Ten years ago today my dad died.  When you say it like that it all sounds very simple, doesn’t it, but it wasn’t.  It was oh so complicated and messy. What can I tell you about my dad, well like most daughters, I was the apple of his eye.  I had a very special relationship with him, which continued till the day he died.  I was a proper daddy’s girl.  I loved being in his company and he was a great friend in addition to a super dad. Long before it was trendy to push the pram and change nappies, my dad was doing all this. He bathed me, dressed me more »

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 8

What did I want to be when I grew up. I have to say that this changed day by day when I was younger, initially I wanted to be a VET, then a solicitor and then an accountant.  I was a very quiet child and overly dramatic, which according to my brother I still am!!! I really enjoyed my primary and infant school, but when it came to seniors I hated it, really I didn’t like it in the slightest.  So when it came to exam time I wasn’t that hopeful and decided to review my options and decided that a YTS (yes I am that old) was possibly the best way more »

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 5

Josie at Sleep is for the weak holds a weekly writing workshop with several prompts posted on a Monday, this week I chose: You will eat what I put in front of you with out a word of complaint and then thank me for cooking you a nutritious, low salt, healthy and tasty meal – not a peep out of you. You will allow mummy to sleep till 6.30am. You will not shout “please come and wipe my bum” continually a the top of your voices until I turn up.  I do acknowledge you first time and set off. You will not bring friends ie worms and other creatures to the dinning more »

Housework Haiku 6

Josie at Sleep is for the week has started a Wednesday writing workshop and I thought as time is pressed for me on a Wednesday (swimming with MiniMad), that I would do a housework Haiku, which is very apt for me this morning Like cement is sets to chair, to floor, to ceiling the child’s weetabix I try to wipe clean but steadfastly it remains I have to scrape hard No more will I buy No matter how much I vow The children want more