Too busy having fun to photograph it 4

But this weekend was filled with Alvin’s first walk and then many a subsequent walks.
A house and garden filled with 11 children
Cricket, more cricket and a little more cricket
Salad sandwiches from the garden
Planting peas and tying up ones that are growing well
Washing and hanging out washing in the garden
A trip to the seaside with fish and chips and lemon top ice creams
Movie night
Lawn mowing
book reading
Early morning LEGO building
plotting and planning
Den building
Hide and seek
Letter writing

Weekending 7

Sometimes it is nice not to have too much planned over a weekend, too be able to take time out and be a family. This weekend has been a lot like that. We have laughed, cried and walked together. Made dens, played games and cooked together. We have planned, partied (well the boys have) and just been together.

Sand and Snow and Places To Go 12

The snow and ice has virtually gone now.   I can not believe how long it has remained and that is actually laid on the sand.         I can not remember this happening in my lifetime. Anyway enough of the snow, me and my boys have been to see The Wiggles at the cinema this morning.  MiniMad is an avid fan, who was introduced to them by my MIL. We have booked to see them live in June on his birthday.  We took the boys last year and they had a whale of a time.  After watching him sing and dance this morning, I am so excited.  Both boys […]