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Chatham Marine Wake Pro Deck Ankle Boot Review

I am very late with this review, but Chatham Marine offered me the chance to review a pair of their boots, I was nice and declined instead getting some Wake Pro Deck Ankle Boots for MadDad instead.

Unfortunately the weather has not been kind this year and it is only now that he is really getting the wear out of them, so hence the late review – Sorry

MadDad is at that age where he feels as though he can not get away with wearing training shoes all the time and has recently starting wearing boots and more casual shoes and that is why I thought he would like these.

Wake Pro Deck Ankle Boot Review

Now we do not have a boat, but MadDad has been wearing these for the last few weeks and said that they are extremely light and conformable. They are perfect for the warmer weather as they have side ventilation in the leather and look smart with trousers or even shorts.

The blurb:

The professional quality performance deck boot everyone has been waiting for. Wake G2 is a technical boat boot with 5 eyelets, premium leathers, mesh panel inserts and a butted raw edge apron seam with rolled mesh padded collars. Full interior leather and cotton linings for your comfort, a strobal construction and a full length perforated padded sock make this one of the most comfortable ankle boots on the market. On top of all of that, this shoe comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

A boot that comes with a two year guarantee  well that is new to me and we are really impressed with the quality of these boots.  They might be designed for the sailor, but they are also perfect for walking and playing with the boys too.