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Children have busy schedules these days; dance rehearsals, soccer practices, play dates and social activities with friends are common occurrences, and they keep both parents and the children very busy during the day.

All these outdoor activities and constantly leaving the safe perimeters of the home brings along safety issues that parents have to deal with every day. A predator can target your child by learning their schedule and attempt to kidnap them; it might sound like a scene from a movie, but it is a very likely scenario which parents have to be prepared. Parenthood is the most challenging job in today’s world because of the ever increasing number of risks the children are exposed to every day. Child safety is an important issue and parents should always be concerned about the safety of their children. For parents who can’t stop worrying about their children’s safety, small GPS trackers designed for tracking children in real-time are a great way to alleviate their fears. Obsessing over the security of your child may not be healthy, but a parent’s priority is to protect their child with the utmost care.

The statistics tell a grim story when it comes to child abduction and missing cases in the UK. A child goes missing every 3 minutes in the country, and one in five of those children are at risk of being sexually assaulted. Missing People states that 140.000 children are reported missing every year – 383
children a day – across the UK. Most of these children are found or return to their home within 24 hours, but some of them are never to be seen again. Some of these children go missing more than once which is a sign of abuse, or serious harm is done to the child. The number of child abduction cases have doubled since 2011 and reached 1.141 in 2016, a record high in the last 15 years. While it seems like it is all bad news, the latest innovations in the field of personal safety help protect our children and put a stop to missing and abduction cases.

Wandering off without the parent noticing is one of the biggest issues, because children lose their attention easily, even more so for kids with serious medical conditions such as autism. One of the most horrifying things a parent can experience in their lifetime is the hopeless feeling of not knowing where their child is. When they are lost, most children are found within minutes, but it still doesn’t make it easier for parents to deal. In missing and abduction situations, parents have to be vigilant and act quickly to find their children. Being prepared can be the difference between a safe recovery and an unthinkable outcome.

The world is becoming more tech-oriented every day, and technological innovations help people in every aspect of their lives. GPS-based applications and devices are among these innovations, and they can help improve the safety of children. Child tracking devices are the definitive solution to all of the safety concerns parents are likely to encounter when they are out and about. These small gadgets are equipped with prominent tools such as real-time tracking, geofence zones, and a panic button.
GPS devices use satellite signals to calculate the exact location of a person and transmit the data to the cloud-based tracking servers. If a child has a tracking device on them, parents can use a computer or a mobile device to pinpoint their location whenever they want. Child trackers are extremely
accurate and reliable even in remote locations.

Children are usually at specific locations during the day; they either go to school, play at a nearby playground or visit a friend’s house to spend their free time. Geofence zone feature allows parents to create virtual perimeters around the places your children frequently visit or spend time. The child
tracker issues an alert every time the child enters or leaves one of the geofence zones created by the parents. These invisible boundaries are a great way to know if your child is where they are supposed to be. In case a child leaves one of the zones ahead of the scheduled time, parents can check in on them to make sure everything is okay. If it is an emergency, parents can send help to their location or call the police depending on the severity of the situation.

Children are playful, full of energy and that is precisely why they tend to run into trouble quite often. Bicycle accidents, getting lost in the woods or getting abducted are all within the realm of possibilities when you are dealing with children. It is very important to deal with these situations
with haste and get help to the children in need. Personal tracking devices designed for children have a panic button that can be used to call for help in the event of an emergency. Parents can teach their children how the panic button works and if they ever find themselves in a bind, the child can use it to alert their parents.

For many parents, the very idea of abduction is a reason enough to buy a GPS tracking device. Any time their children are late for anything, parents automatically assume the worst and start worrying about the safety of their child. A tracking device can be used to keep an eye on the movements of a
child by using the smartphone APP. Worried parents have access to their children’s exact location at all times with the push of a few buttons thanks to the real-time tracking feature. Even if a child gets abducted by a criminal or goes missing in a crowded place, parents can locate them immediately and alert the police. If the child is nearby, they can rush to their side for a quick recovery as well.

Child tracking devices are an attractive prospect to parents because of the high-level safety they provide for children. The ability to locate their children on-demand is the main reason parents buy tracking devices, but child trackers are capable of doing so much more. The greatest benefit offered by kid trackers is the peace of mind they provide for children’s parents. Everyone responsible for the safety of children can breathe easy knowing where they are at all times.

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