Children Craft Showcase Advent Angels 11

simple kid made advent angels
Week one advent is for the ascension when the angel Gabriel came and told Mary that she was to have Gods child.  So this week we made card angels.
Coloured card


Draw around a plate on a piece of coloured card and cut out.  Then cut the circle in to a semi circle.

Spread one half of the card with glue and sprinkle on slitter or decorations and leave to dry

make a pattern with glue a long the curved edge of your remaining semicircle and add glitter or other decorations and leave to dry
Draw a head (a smaller circle) on another piece of card (paler coloured) and cut up some wool for her hair.
Glue the hair on to the face and allow to dry.  Small children might find it easy to draw the face, then add the hair and then you cut the face out for them
Bend the dress around to make a cone shape and tape together and then glue or tape the face on too.
Fold the other semicircle and cut into a wings shape unfold and tape them on the back of the dress

Discussion The Annunciation:

A Child will be Born adapted from Luke 1:26-38 for young children 3

In the city of Nazareth, in Galilee, there lived a young woman named Mary. Mary was soon to marry a carpenter named Joseph.
One day Gabriel, an angel, visited Mary and said: “Greetings, most favored one, and do not be afraid. God has chosen you among all women. Very soon you will have a baby, you must call him Jesus”
This would be a very special baby. He would be great, and his kingdom would last forever and ever. He told her that the child would be called the Son of God.
Mary bowed before the angel Gabriel and told him she would be obedient to God and that she wanted to do as God wished. When she got up the angel had gone.


This is the perfect song to play whilst making your angels, I so remember singing this in school and it is one on my most favorite christmas songs, so melancology, just wonderful and well Aled Jones, just perfect.

If you make any angels, please, please link back to me.  I love looking through them.

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  • mutteringsfromthemoor

    beautiful angels! I remember making similar when I was little, a whole nativity from empty loo rolls and fabrics from my mums sewing cupboard!

    Thanks for the payment, will try and get your teddy in the post today xxx

  • rosiescribble

    These look fabulous. I think we'll have a go. Now you are really getting me into the Christmas spirit!

  • Emily O

    Very cute angels! Please could I use this post and some of the others from your children's craft showcase for my Mother Knows Best blog? I thought it would be good to get Christmassy on there now. I'd just use the first paragraph or two then link to your posts for readers to follow.


    Well I haven't got any children left at home, but I feel like making some myself anyway! suzie. xxx

  • Floss

    Lovely addition to the Advent posts (although I really liked yesterday's too!)

    I always wondered what flavour Mary was when I sang that song. I thought vanilla was likely… This Aled version is rather better than the way we sang it at school!



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