Childrens Centre Craft Afternoon

The mini’s were invited to a craft afternoon at our local children’s centre. It was still raining this afternoon, so along we went.

The boys had great fun as usual and went a little overboard on the glitter and all things sparkly (they take after their mum on that one)

Here is a selection of what they make, fireworks, shakers, a pasta necklace and a dragon.

There was such a variety of mums and children there, the mums who were horrified a their little darlings getting covered in paint and glue, the ones who didn’t care and just left the children too it whilst they chatted (ignored them completely), the mums who got involved and helped and the mums who walked in the door and walked back out again.

I overheard one mum say that she didn’t allow paint, play dough, glitter or glue in her house!!!

I have to admit it was nice not having to clean up after the boys (although we did stay and help) or prepare the craft, but do believe that children should be allowed to get dirty and make a mess. I was also very shocked that people left the art at the centre and didn’t take it home with them, especially the shaker.