Childrens Craft Showcase – Fabric Painting on Bags for Gandmas 8

We have been busy cooking, baking, crafting, drawing, painting and generally having fun. over the last few days.   One of the tasks this week for the mini mads was to make a Christmas present for Nana and Grandma
Stamps (poundland have some in)
Fabric paint (I got mine when MaxiMad was born over 4 years ago from Baker Ross)
Masking tap
Plain shopping bags (99p from Hobbycraft)
We were lucky enough to receive some wonderful Christmas foam stamps from a friend and they are great and that was how this came to mind.
Mask off a square on each side and put the card inside to stop the paint seeping through.

I put the paint on paper plates so I can just throw them out afterwards.
stencil one side first, we used 2 colours on each side, therefore use the lighter colour first.

I allowed 24 hours drying time between sides.  MaxiMad did one and MiniMad the other.

Finally I added the boys name and date and then ironed each side to set the paint.

Using the masking tape gives a really nice finish to the edges and that way you can just let the children gave free run on how and where they want to paint.