Childrens Craft Showcase – Fabric Painting on Bags for Gandmas 8

We have been busy cooking, baking, crafting, drawing, painting and generally having fun. over the last few days.   One of the tasks this week for the mini mads was to make a Christmas present for Nana and Grandma
Stamps (poundland have some in)
Fabric paint (I got mine when MaxiMad was born over 4 years ago from Baker Ross)
Masking tap
Plain shopping bags (99p from Hobbycraft)
We were lucky enough to receive some wonderful Christmas foam stamps from a friend and they are great and that was how this came to mind.
Mask off a square on each side and put the card inside to stop the paint seeping through.

I put the paint on paper plates so I can just throw them out afterwards.
stencil one side first, we used 2 colours on each side, therefore use the lighter colour first.

I allowed 24 hours drying time between sides.  MaxiMad did one and MiniMad the other.

Finally I added the boys name and date and then ironed each side to set the paint.

Using the masking tape gives a really nice finish to the edges and that way you can just let the children gave free run on how and where they want to paint.


8 thoughts on “Childrens Craft Showcase – Fabric Painting on Bags for Gandmas

  • pinkmilkisyummy

    Sigh. See, now this is why I love coming to your blog! Crafty things that I think I could actually do with my kids (as opposed to the lovely-but-there's-no-way-my-kids-and-I-will-ever-manage-to-make-that sort of craft). This is going on my list of things to do during the Christmas break. 🙂

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    They look great. I have no idea where to get fabric paint here, but as soon as we get back home I'm going to try some of these!

  • bad penny

    let's try this again so we can exchange addresses !!! I never received an email did you send ? !

    Back & neck a lot better thx – had a sports massage yesterday & will book another. Will get the decs up this weekend !!!

  • maria

    They look great, I am sure Nana and Grandma will be delighted! To give something the kids made with their own hands is so much more personal than the usual gifts you buy at the shop:)

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